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Fidget Factory

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Fidget Factory is a fast-paced, chaotically fun co-op game in which you and other members of a small startup will scramble to make and deliver a product before time - and your coffee - runs out.

The objective of Fidget Factory is to build a full Fidget Cube (all 6 sides) before the shipping deadline. You lose if you run out of time or coffee.


How To Play


The Deluxe Edition includes:

1 x Game Board

1 x Rule Sheet

21 x Hats

7 x Hat Standee Bases

5 x D6 dice

1 x Fidget Cube Die Body

6 x Fidget Cube Die Faces

66 x Task Cards

5 x Coffee Tokens

5 x Coffee Standee Bases

5 x Jiles The Troll Miniatures

1 x Premium Tray (to organize components)

1 x G4MER Fidget Cube Die Face (Roll)

1 x G4MER Fidget Cube Die Face (Click)

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