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What are fidget toys?

Fidgeters with restless hands love fidget toys during long classes or dull meetings. Focusing on clicking, flipping, and rolling keeps your mind alert. But fidget toys don't have to just be useful, and fidget toys are not only for kids, either. We call fidgets "toys" because they're fun!

what do you do with fidget toys?

Adults love fidget toys like Fidget Cube because they're less conspicuous than threading paperclip chains or drumming your pen at the conference table. Many people use fidget toys to help with ADHD. Others use fidget toys for social anxiety, because a fidget toy gives you a place to put your nervous energy.

We made Fidget Cube for fidgeters like us.

Fidget Cube has six sides for fidgeting. Click. Glide. Flip. Breathe. Roll. Spin. We have collectible original fidgets from our top 10 Kickstarter run and limited-edition Fidget Cubes with exciting colors, as well as Fidget Cubes with Marvel superheroes and DC superheroes, too.

Are fidget spinners a kind of fidget toy?

Abso-fidget-lutely! We have fidget spinners with cool colors and patterns, glossy metal fidget spinners, LED light up fidget spinners, and Marvel and DC fidget spinners, too.

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