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5 Steps To Learn Any TikTok Dance - Antsy Labs

5 Steps To Learn Any TikTok Dance

With TikTok and Instagram making it easier and easier for moments and trends to become viral, it can feel like there are more and more cultural moments..

Just how fast? Below we have just a few of the TikTok dance gems from the past few years:

  • 2020: The Renegade, Blinding Lights, WAP, Tap In, 3 Musketeers
  • 2021: Stay, Fancy Like, Ski Mask The Slump God
  • 2022: The Box, Cannibal, Number One Baby, Say So

And these are just the highlights! As soon as one captures the world’s attention, another seems primed and ready to take its place.

For those of us who aren’t natural dancers, trying to keep up with any of those moments can feel exhausting. But it doesn’t need to feel that way. 

When you learn to do these dances, the trend becomes less about how many dances there are and more about enjoying the dances that you want. It’s a way of pushing your comfort zone, trying something new, and just having fun.

The problem?

These TikTok dances aren’t getting any easier!

Though there are often tutorial videos for the more popular dances, you know how that old saying goes…

“Give a man a TikTok dance tutorial video, he dances for one video. Teach a man to learn his own TikTok dances, he dances for a lifetime.”

Part of getting out there in the world is putting that first step forward. That can mean trying in person at a dance class (a challenge worth taking on, if we do say so ourselves!) or setting up the camera at home and giving these moves a try yourself.

To help you take that first step, we’ve put together a simple 5-step guide to learn any TikTok dance. Check it out below!

Learn TikTok Dances Step By Step

TikTok Dance Step 1 - Find Your Dance

To learn a TikTok dance, you’ve got to find your ideal video first. Once you’ve found one that you like - and that you won’t mind listening to or watching a few dozen times - the work begins. 

Watch it on repeat a few times. Look to see if there are other users who’ve uploaded. Seeing the moves done by different people and different body types will give you a better idea of how all the pieces flow together.

TikTok Dance Step 2 - Slow It Down

Like learning an instrument, you’re not going to do the dance at full speed your first time. To better prepare for your TikTok dance, let’s watch that video in slow motion.

Not sure how? This guide on slowing down TikTok makes it straightforward: save the video, upload it to your account, add the slow-motion effect, then put it into your drafts folder.

TikTok Dance Step 3 - Grab A Mirror

Okay, that’s enough screen time for the time being. Now find a full-body mirror, let your phone play through the slow-mo video on repeat, and start to work through the moves.

Focus first on nailing each individual move. Then put a few back-to-back. Eventually, you’ll have your whole routine down at this slower pace. As you get more comfortable, you’ll speed up naturally.

There’s no judgment here, just dancing!

TikTok Dance Step 4 - Chunk It Out

Now it’s time to get up to song speed. You know the whole dance routine, so we’re focusing on 3-to-5 second chunks at full speed. 

To help guide you, you can reupload the video, trim it to the section you’re practicing, and save that to your drafts.

Keep going until you’re working through the whole video.

TikTok Dance Step 5 - Record And Record Again

Finally, it’s time to press record.

That doesn’t have to mean submit, though!

Watch your dance and see where you can improve. Are your moves in sync? Are your transitions between moves precise? Are you enjoying it - or can you see in your face how concentrated you are on just hitting the next beat?

Take your time, go through a few trials, and before you know it, you’ll have your TikTok dance learned and ready to upload.

The only thing left to do is repeat Steps 1 through 5 and learn your next TikTok dance. 

Be sure to let us know below if this helped, if there are any TikTok dances you’ve loved, and where we can see your moves!

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