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How To Set Up Your Own Art Studio (Even When There’s No Space) - Antsy Labs

How To Set Up Your Own Art Studio (Even When There’s No Space)

If you’re passionate about learning to draw, you likely know there’s plenty of ways you can improve. 

From doing a daily doodle to non-drawing exercise to improve your drawing, there’s no shortage of techniques to sharpen your sketching skills.

What do they all have in common? Finding a place to get that practice in. 

Unfortunately, we may not all have the luxury of an unused space in the house we can dedicate to our blossoming art skills. 

From those of us living in apartments who have every square foot accounted for to those of us with families and kids who can convert any free space to a playroom, space will always be at a premium.

Yet it’s that space and the focus it allows us that can help us improve. To that end, we’re going to share some ideas about how to set up your own art studio (even if you don’t have the space).

5 Ways To Make Space For Art In Your Home

  1. The Bare Necessities - One way to feel like you have more space for art is to have less art-related clutter. Depending on the kind of art you’re into - whether it’s sketching, watercolors, oil painting, or even all of the above - you may need a lot of supplies. That’s fine when you think you’ll use them. If you don’t really need them? Consider going lean and Kondo-ing the pens and pencils you don’t use.

  2. A Single Box - Part of the allure of an art studio is having all of your drawing implements whenever you need them. To capture that feeling in a smaller setting, get a desk organizer or an art box. By freeing your pencils from all of the boxes they came in, then consolidating them, you’ll always know where they are. That peace of mind should help you stay in the flow longer.

  3. A Corner Studio - Or said another way, put your studio in the corner. While you may not be able to lay claim to an entire room in your house, see if there’s a corner that could be cordoned off. Think of a small easel, a chair, and a half-bookshelf to divide it from the rest of the room.

  4. Let In Light - If you’re sharing the space, be it with roommates or family, that means you may not always get to claim the best hours of the day. Investing in a table or floor lamp means you’ll have a well-lit space, even when you’re burning the midnight oil.

  5. Be Your Muse - Part of the commitment to growing as an artist should be about seeing where you’ve come from. When setting up your own mini art studio, try and pick a space with a nearby wall. Pin or hang up a few of your recent favorite works. Rotate them as you progress to help keep the inspiration fresh.

From setting up your own studio to hitting a month-long drawing streak, setting goals is a great way to achieve your drawing-related goals. 

For those artists among us - or those artists in your life - our Drawing IRLA Pack is a fun physical reward for hitting those milestones.
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