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Inspire Your Li'l Frida With 10 Drawing Challenges For Kids - Antsy Labs

Inspire Your Li'l Frida With 10 Drawing Challenges For Kids

Kids give a whole new idea to the cliché of the temperamental artist. One day they lose themselves in a coloring book for hours, and the next you can’t even get them to pick up a crayon.

In addition to art being a great way to cultivate your child’s inner creativity, it also happens to be a handy way for parents to get an hour or two of calm around the house. 

But what can you do if your child has switched off the coloring passion for the week? Or what if you need a constructive activity to help pass the time inside during the sweltering summer months? 

One of the best ways to sketch two birds with one pencil is with a drawing challenge for kids. These handy prompts are great ways to ignite their creativity and nurture their artistic skills… while buying yourself some quiet time!

As parents, we understand the importance of encouraging our children's artistic expression, and we believe drawing challenges offer a fantastic solution. To give you some jumping-off ideas, today we’re sharing 10 drawing challenges for kids.

How Drawing Challenges Can Help Motivate Your Young Artist

These drawing challenges for kids are a collection of prompts designed to spark your child's inner artist. 


With each challenge, your little ones will explore different subjects, techniques, and themes. These challenges are not only about drawing but also about fostering creativity, building confidence, and instilling a love for art.


Still, we know the journey to artistic mastery can take a minute, and that’s why we developed the Drawing IRLA Pack. This collection of challenge medals is designed to inspire and reward your artists of every age for their progress and their achievements


With medals for choosing their tools, drawing streaks, visiting art museums, and sharing work online, you can create real-life milestones for their creative journey! 


10 Drawing Challenges for Kids

1. Doodle Delight

Let your child's imagination run wild with this fun doodling challenge. 


Encourage them to create a vibrant and whimsical doodle by combining different shapes, patterns, and colors. 


This challenge helps kids tap into their inner creativity by giving them the freedom to express themselves through spontaneous and playful drawings. Plus, if they like this one, they’ll love our daily doodle drawing challenge!

2. Animal Adventures

Embark on an artistic journey through the animal kingdom! 


In this drawing challenge for kids, have your little one  choose their favorite animal and draw it in its natural habitat. 


This challenge not only nurtures their drawing skills but also encourages observation, imagination, and a deeper connection with nature.

3. My Magical World

Invite your child to envision a magical world of their own creation. 


They can draw mythical creatures, enchanted landscapes, and fantastical elements. This challenge sparks their inner creativity by allowing them to build an entire imaginative realm on paper.

4. Portrait Party

Let your child's creativity shine through the power of portraiture. 


Invite them to draw portraits of family members, friends, or even fictional characters. 


It helps kids develop observation skills, understand facial features, and express emotions through their drawings.


Another angle is the self-portrait. Given that your kids may already be familiar with selfies, encourage them to take a “selfie” portrait by drawing themselves in the mirror.

5. Storytelling through Comics

Encourage your child to create their own comic strip! 


They can invent characters, design speech bubbles, and tell captivating stories through sequential art. 


This drawing challenge for kids not only enhances their drawing skills but also fosters storytelling abilities and imagination.

6. Nature's Beauty

Encourage your child to explore the wonders of nature through art.


In addition to having them draw flowers, trees, landscapes, or other natural elements that inspire them, you can use this as a fun opportunity to introduce new colors or mediums into their artistic toolkit. 


From a more expansive pack of crayons to chalks, watercolors, and fingerpaints, this is a chance to help kids develop an eye for detail by using the world around them.

7. Artistic Masterpiece Redraw

Introduce your child to famous artworks by renowned artists. 


Let them choose a masterpiece they resonate with and recreate it in their own style. Maybe they’ll take one of Frida’s self-portraits, and use similar colors for their own look. Maybe it’s applying Van Gogh’s post-impressionistic The Starry Night to your backyard. 


No matter how they approach this challenge, it’s an engaging way for young artists to learn from the masters while developing their unique artistic voice.

8. Future Fantasy

Unleash your child's imagination with this fantastical challenge. 


They can create imaginative creatures, futuristic spaceships, or explore otherworldly realms. 


This challenge encourages originality, abstract thinking, and the limitless possibilities of art to let us imagine the world as it will be.

9. Abstract Explorations


You’ve heard people say their kids could do what Jackson Pollock does, so let’s see how true that is! This challenge is about introducing your child to the world of abstract art. 


They can experiment with shapes, colors, and lines to create their own non-representational artwork. 

10. Artistic Collaboration

Invite your child's friends or siblings for a collaborative art session. 


Each participant can contribute a part to a larger artwork, creating a beautiful collective creation as they experience the joy of creating art together.


Remember, the purpose of these drawing challenges for kids is to foster a love for art, encourage self-expression, and provide an outlet for creativity. Let your little Frida Kahlo or Leonardo da Vinci shine through their imaginative drawings. Happy drawing!


Even the best artists need a creative push once in a while. Now you can crush your creative block with the Drawing Pack, a set of artistic achievements for you to unlock as you kick your creativity into high gear. Grab your pencil or pen of choice and get set to doodle, draw, sketch and scribble your way to new creative heights.

Draw me like one of your French IRLAs.

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