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Last-Minute Ideas For Unplugging Over Labor Day Weekend - Antsy Labs

Last-Minute Ideas For Unplugging Over Labor Day Weekend

With Labor Day marking the unofficial end of summer and fall’s crisper weathers and shorter days looming, it’s time to make the most of this season.

While there are plenty of perks of the changing season, from pumpkin-spiced everything to curling up to watch your favorite shows, the cool weather leads to more time inside.

And for better or worse, more time inside tends to mean more time with our devices.

With the last official three-day weekend of the summer (and until Christmas!), we wanted to put together some last-minute ideas that’ll help you put the screens down and make the most of summer’s days. 

Whether you want to use the extra day to get out of town, or just to have an extra low-key day at home, you’ll find plenty of ideas below!

How To Unplug And Enjoy The Last Summer Weekend

  1. Minor League Baseball, Major-Sized Fun - It’s easy to get caught up in the larger-than-life appeal of Major League Baseball - the massive parks, the giant screens, the huge hot dogs. But it’s the smaller parks that capture that summer spirit like no other, and often in a much more accessible way - plus you can actually watch the game instead of the players on the screen.

  2. Mini Golf, Big Memories - Leave the clubs behind and head out to your local mini golf course for an amusing afternoon filled with windmills, dragons, and more than a few water hazards.

  3. Picnic in a Park - Gather a group of friends for a potluck picnic. Enjoy home cooking, catching up with friends, and warm breezes. Bonus points if you’re able to find a park with a small grill!

  4. DIY Why Not? - The To Do for your apartment or house getting a little long? This long weekend is a great chance to tackle some of the physical projects, especially around the exterior. Touch up the paint, make fixes around the fences, and more.

  5. Binge A Book - During a normal week, you might find yourself sneaking in a page or two of a book before you head to bed or on your commute. Use this long weekend to sneak away and take on the rare cover-to-cover challenge for an immersive, non-digital binge.

  6. Head Out For A Hike - From finding a new way around your local park to a new trail in a forest you haven’t checked out yet, use your extra day to explore a little further away from where you’re used to. (And while a hike is universally one of the best ways to disconnect, make sure to send a message to someone to let them know where you’re going!)

  7. Camping, Near and Far - Camping is a great way to get outdoors because it’s as extreme or as laidback as you want it to be. From a night out in the backyard to a weekend out in the wilderness, take advantage of the time to enjoy camping the way you like to enjoy it (just so long as there are s’mores).

  8. Themed Walking Tour - Give your regular stroll a purpose by creating a theme. Check out the best local pie shops downtown, the local coffee roasters in your neighborhood, all the used bookstores, and more.

  9. Go For A Dip - It wouldn’t be summer without a little water. Think back on the last few months - is there anything you missed out on? Did you get in a swim, a paddleboard, and a kayak? Soak up the last summer weekend and dive in!

  10. Find A Fair Or Festival - With some state fairs like California’s starting up in July and others going till November, September is smack dab in the middle of the season. Enjoy the refreshingly analog experience of farm shows, former American Idol star concerts, and more creative fried food than you can shake a hot-dog-on-a-stick at.

Be sure to let us know if we missed anything, and let us know how you will be spending your Labor Day weekend below.

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