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Millennials Are The New Old: 4 Dates That Will Make You Feel Your Age - Antsy Labs

Millennials Are The New Old: 4 Dates That Will Make You Feel Your Age

If you want to pretend you’ll be forever young, you don’t want to read today’s blog.

Still, aging is a fact of life. As we grow older, we gain experience. We accrue wisdom. We feel… really sore getting out of bed after a measly three-mile run.

As we age with our friends and family, we might not always notice the dramatic differences. A gray hair here or there. A major milestone.

Fortunately, social media and memes are here to help shake us out of our comfort zone.

For me, it was the realization one day at the grocery store that anyone born in the year 2000 could legally buy alcohol.

2000. The year that we’d all been anticipating. The year that we all celebrated. And now… it’s been so long since Y2K that we can now end up at bars with people born in the year that followed.

To really go down this rabbithole, we pulled up a few more examples that you’ll be able to talk about over brunch (as you drown the pain in yet another of those bottomless mimosas).

4 Dates That Will Make Millennials Feel A Little Old

  1. 1998 and 1974 -  Who among us didn’t have Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” define at least a few moments in your life? Well, that may have only been a blink of the eye (just 24 years!), but 24 years before that, the pop charts were dominated by Jackson 5, Kool & the Gang, and ABBA.

  2. 1981 and 1942 -  For our oldest Millennials, the 80s might feel like just yesterday. As of now, they are just as far away from their birthday, though, as their birthday is from the US and Japan fighting in the Pacific in World War II.

  3. The Year 2000 -  We can’t help but think back at the supposed chaos at the turn of the century, of the world’s computers failing to be prepared for 4 digit year counts instead of just 2. Now, though, college kids are taking that big moment of our lives and turning it into just another party.

  4. 1996 and 1971 - The year our youngest Millennials were born. You’ve lived your life in bright colors and the high-definition revolution, yet you are now as far away from your birth as your birthday is from the grainy days of Vietnam protests in Washington, D.C.

Still, you wear your age well. We think it’s even something worth celebrating! If you’re with us, then check out our Millennial IRLA Pack to unlock all of the best achievements of Millennial life.

Now we want to hear from you! When you think of the moments in your life that made you realize that you’re finally starting to get, well, not old, but rather not as young as before, what comes to mind?

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