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More Than Soup: Finding Other Thanksgiving Volunteer Opportunities In Your Community - Antsy Labs

More Than Soup: Finding Other Thanksgiving Volunteer Opportunities In Your Community

With Canadian Thanksgiving already past and American Thanksgiving coming up, it’s time to think about what matters.

(And no, not just how many slices of pie you’ll eat in one sitting on Thanksgiving Day.)

It’s an important time of year to consider what we’re thankful for, from friends and family to health and the support of our community.

Though the last year has been a challenging one in terms of getting out and about in our communities, with restrictions changing when and how we could support local businesses, go to local events, and give back, we are slowly returning to normal once again.

We are big believers in doing what you can to better your community, even the small things like paying for a stranger’s coffee or lunch, so we wanted to take a minute today to suggest a few ways to give back.

How To Volunteer At Your Local Food Bank 

While we started this article with the idea of going beyond soup kitchens and food drives, these are still an important fixture in the community. 

Wondering just what you can do to help? The below list includes suggestions from Feeding America on the different roles you can fill this Thanksgiving:

  • Consider a virtual food drive - if you’d prefer to put a modern spin on collecting cans, this virtual food drive helps raise funds while also reducing some of the logistical complications of bringing in so much physical product during an already busy time of year
  • Deliver meals - if you’ve got a car (and a teenager who needs to get the hours in on their driving permit), you can deliver meals to the elderly, to people with disabilities, with health conditions, or other sensitive situations
  • Cook and serve meals - A Thanksgiving classic, there’s still a place and a need to help ensure everyone in your community gets to have a warm Thanksgiving meal

Other Ways To Volunteer Your Time This Thanksgiving

If you’re looking to organize an event for your company or want to find a different way to support your town this fall, consider some of the following options:

  • Find or start a clothing drive - As the weather turns colder, this is a perfect opportunity to remind people that the clothes taking up space in their closets at home could be better used by those experiencing poverty or homelessness
  • Assemble care kits - Though food is always an essential item, there’s also a place for non-perishable items like toys, warm weather items like socks and gloves, lotions and self-care materials, and more. This could even be assembled at work, with team memes offering to disperse the kits to shelters, care facilities, and more.
  • Thanksgiving Fun Runs - If the family is coming into town just for the long weekend, you might not have as much time as you’d like to get out and volunteer. The Thanksgiving fun run (or Turkey Trot) is an easy way for the whole family to get out together, and many events offer support for local food banks.

Whether big or small, efforts to support the community are always welcomed. Are you planning on doing something special with your family to give back this Thanksgiving?

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