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Ready To Lose Some Sleep Over These Puzzles? - Antsy Labs

Ready To Lose Some Sleep Over These Puzzles?

Every once in a while it’s a good idea to unplug.

And while we may unplug differently - some of us go for hikes, some bake bread, and others read or write - it’s a nice break from our days and weeks that are more and more driven by electronics.

The idea is that we can spend the time not constantly refreshing our social media and just be.

One of the known benefits from a little less screen time is better sleep. That’s because our glowing digital devices can delay the release of melatonin that helps us fall asleep and stay asleep.

So, in theory, unplugging should help us sleep better.

Unless you happen to unplug with one of the most mind-bending non-electronic activities out there.

That’s right, we’re talking about puzzles.

And not just any puzzles.

Level 10 Puzzles. 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles.

The final bosses of the puzzle world.

Do you have what it takes to take them on? Read on to see.

Just What Is A Level 10 Puzzle?

According to Mr. Puzzle, puzzles with a difficulty rating of 1 are easy to do and easy to memorize.

A puzzle rated 7 could take a few hours to do and memorize.

At a puzzle rated 9 or 10, however, you’re facing a puzzle that’s not only difficult to do AND to memorize… but 80% of people may never figure it out. 

In other words, this is the kind of puzzle that’s going to keep you up at night. Puzzle Master calls these the real mind bogglers of the bunch.

These include such physical tricksters as the cast quartet, the scorpion’s sting, and the cast enigma.

Not ready to spend all day noodling around with a mind-bending piece of metal? Then consider a few of the more traditional puzzles that you can chip away at instead.

Maybe A 1,000 Piece Puzzle Is More Your Style

The problem with the Level 10 puzzles is that they can be too frustrating to work at. That’s why there are certain jigsaw puzzles that might be worth considering instead. 

That’s because, for one, you can take on these challenges as a team. Invite some friends over, clear space on a table, and let the madness begin.

Plus, you can always up the difficulty and leave the box off the table. Go purely by feel and see how far it gets you. Or in the case of this Pure White Hell Jigsaw, you may realize the box isn’t going to do you any good!

Likewise, the black and white scribbles of this Bgraamiens puzzle will certainly keep your group occupied.

You can also look through this Buzzfeed list for more ideas. Number 8 (the rainbow one) has me panicked, and not just because of the colors (have you ever seen puzzle pieces shaped like that?).

As a note, we can’t guarantee that working on these puzzles will leave you feeling less stressed than other sorts of unplugging activities. Still, they are certainly a challenge not many are willing to take on, and that’s an accomplishment worth celebrating.

What about you? Have you taken on any extreme puzzles lately?

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