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Skip The Systems: Tis The Season For Video Game Stocking Stuffers - Antsy Labs

Skip The Systems: Tis The Season For Video Game Stocking Stuffers

Playing video games isn’t necessarily the cheapest pastime. With the exception of bygone days of quarters and arcades, consoles will set you back more than a pretty penny.

A PS5? That’s $500.

The XBOX X? That’s $500.

The Switch OLED? That’s $350.

And that’s just the start. Controllers can cost upwards of $70. Games can cost upward of $60. And worst of all?

These don’t even fit into Christmas stockings.

And I don’t know about you, but the switch over the last few years to downloadable content and monthly subscriptions (while being convenient, yes, I get it) and gift cards just takes a little bit of the shine away from giving gifts. How do you even *open* a monthly subscription?!


But it’s the holiday season, so we’re going to stay positive. Today, let’s focus on the fun, the funky, and the affordable when it comes to video game accessories you can gift to others this holiday season (and we’ll let our parents treat us to the new consoles).

The Little Gifts For The Gamers In Your Life

The idea of a stocking stuffer is “​​a small present suitable for putting in a Christmas stocking.” It’s small and usually inexpensive. That’s why the items on this list are all $25 or less and should fit in a good-sized sock. 

  1. Blue Light Blockers -  Spending too much time in front of screens, whether it’s to play video games or work, can leave you feeling a little depleted. One solution is Blue Light Blockers, for which Rolling Stone put together a helpful list of the best blue light blocking glasses starting at just $16.

  2. A Little Switch - Though full-sized controllers can set you back a bit, there are some bite-size options for the Nintendo Switch that come in under budget. Digital Trends has a nice roundup of two that go for $20 and $25.

  3. Pop-Sized Fun - It’s almost as if Funko Pop were created for this very list. With nearly all of their video game characters available for $20 or less, the only problem you’ll have is finding hundreds of stockings to fill.

  4. IRLA Video Gaming Pack - With our pack of In Real Life Achievements, you can help the gamer in your life celebrate those big wins like getting a K/D ratio of 13, completing a single-player game, completing a game on a console that’s over 15 years old, winning a battle royale game, and more.

‘Tis the season to spread a little love, even for the gamer who seems like they have it all. 

What about you? Have you come across any little trinkets that the gamers in your life have enjoyed?

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