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Valentine's Date Night Game Night Ideas - Antsy Labs

Valentine's Date Night Game Night Ideas

When it comes to tabletop games, we love to bring in friends for long nights of gaming, a buffet of snacks, and a range of expletives and shouts of triumphs.

And when it comes to date night, we’re normally focused on one-on-one moments, romantically lit dinners, and sweet nothings.

Normally game nights and date nights are two separate evenings: friendship and romance kept on opposite sides of the social spectrum.

But for this Valentine’s Day, we’re proposing an altogether different approach to your romantic night out: 

For Monday, February 14th, it’s time for a romantic date night with your significant other and your friends. 

Not only is this a nice way to help your single friends feel included (on a holiday that can, at times, be exclusionary to those not in love in the Hallmark sense of the word), but it can also help to include significant others in your gaming circles.

So today, we’re going to take a look at a few games that would be great for your own Valentine’s Day date night game night - or as a group.

Great Games For Hosting A Group Game Night Date Night

  1. Pandemic While We’re In A Pandemic - While it’s tempting to just go for the classics like Pictionary or Charades, if this Date Night Game Night is going to hold a candle to a real game night, you need a real game. As couple Ryan and Alex suggest, Pandemic is a great way for the two of you to work together with another couple to hopefully save the world (no pressure).

  2. Social Events Call For Social Deduction - You may love your significant other, but if they turn out to be the Secret Hitler or a Werewolf, well, you’ve got some tough choices to make. That’s the idea behind a group-based evening of social deduction games that’ll turn even the most committed of couples against each other to solve murder mysteries, root out imposters, and once again, save the world (still no pressure).

  3. Settle Down With Settlers of Catan - Not every game night date night has to revolve around the stakes of saving the world. Sometimes it’s enough to just build up an entire civilization. And if you’re wondering whether to build a life with someone, what better way is there to start than with Settlers of Catan? Work together, scheme together, and steal together to make your world together. How romantic!

  4. Play As A Duet - We’d be remiss if we didn’t make at least one recommendation that had a little bit to do with life as a couple. With Codenames: Duet, you’ll enjoy the classic structure of one-word clues, but working together as a team to reveal all the secret agents. Be careful not to reveal the assassin, though, or risk date night disappointment (still no pressure).

All in all, any combination of these four games is sure to put you and your friends in some lovely strategic situations. And if winning the heart of your significant other wasn’t enough of a trophy for you, know that you’ll also unlock the ultimate achievement from the IRLA Tabletop Gaming Pack.

So, let us know how we did - and what you’d do! What do you think are the best board games to play for date night?

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