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Antsy Labs and Zuru - Antsy Labs

Antsy Labs and Zuru

When Antsy Labs conceived Fidget Cube, the drive to bring the project to fruition stemmed from a desire to make something new, regardless of how well it was received. In fact, when launching Fidget Cube on Kickstarter, we had the wish to get enough to make the tooling and to slowly grow the awareness of Fidget Cube over the years. As you may know, this wasn’t what happened.

To our pleasant surprise, the demand for Fidget Cube exponentially exceeded our initial goals and became known internationally within a very short period of time. This has been such an exciting time for us here at Antsy Labs.

But with the excitement and success comes added complexity.

Any small business owner knows that running a small company has its challenges - one of the many challenges being lack of resources. Resources such as time, financial, expertise, logistical, (did we mention time?) are of the utmost importance in our day-to-day operations. For this reason, Antsy Labs has entered into a licensing agreement with Zuru, a company that has a proven track record with other crowdfunded products, as well as a long list of other products. In looking at what Zuru does on a daily basis, we were most excited about their expertise and experience in enforcing intellectual property in the US and worldwide, their extensive manufacturing capabilities, and their vast distribution channels. Ultimately, Antsy Labs believes that Zuru is the right company to team up with as we bring Fidget Cube to the world.

Giving up control of things like manufacturing, pricing, marketing, etc. is not something we took lightly. Far from it. Fidget Cube is the most important thing that has happened to our small company. Thanks to the support of Kickstarter and the wonderful people that make up the community, Fidget Cube went from being a (brain)child to a college grad in a matter of weeks. Now it’s time we ensure the longevity of Fidget Cube in the global market.

We sincerely appreciate the support of our wonderful Kickstarter backers and customers. Your patience as we caught up on orders and worked to grow our business rapidly has been amazing! The Fidget Cubes currently being sold on our site and those that being shipped to Kickstarter backers are limited editions that are not available in stores. These come with unique packaging, carrying case and sticker.

Stay tuned, as it is our mission to continue to bring unique, intentionally designed, and fun products to life in the months and years to come.

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