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IRLA Stand (Major)

$ 3.99

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Putting in the time, energy, and effort to unbox an entire IRLA Pack is no small feat. Share your accomplishment with the world with these handsome IRLA Stands. With this stand you’ll have a solid metal base and a sleek black nickel finish to display the achievement you accomplished- whether it's a literal one (we see you, runners) or a figurative one - to make your dreams reality, to push past your comfort zone, and to be a better you. 

And remember - these IRLA Stands don’t come with IRLAs included. You still have to achieve those.

What's in the box?

  • 1 Major IRLA Stand (fits the large 50mm IRLA)

What is IRLA?

IRLAs are In Real Life Achievements.

Between activity trackers, gaming trophies, health apps, and more, daily and long-term achievements have largely taken place in the digital world. IRLA is here to solidify these moments in real life.

Think of them as collectibles you earn.

How do I use IRLA?

To begin your IRLA journey, all you have to do is answer this question:

What do I want to experience, achieve, track, or improve?

Do you want to...

  • Learn a new language? 
  • Play more tabletop games?
  • Drink more water each day?
  • Pick up a new instrument? 
  • Be more mindful of the time you spend on your devices?
  • Run a 10K? A half-marathon? A marathon?
  • Watch those films/TV series you keep putting off?
  • Get out of your comfort zone?
  • Read more?
  • Make healthier food choices?
  • Better your local community?
  • Track video game challenges?
  • Explore new places?

How you answer this will help you choose your first IRLA Pack. 

Open the first capsule to start (don't unbox any other coins yet!).

Scan your Introductory IRLA to download the IRLA app, where you can track your progress and compare your goals with a like-minded community.

You'll open the remaining capsules as you complete each goal.

Now let's make some memories.

IRLA in under 60 seconds.

IRLA: In Real Life Achievements

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