Duet (Watch On Left)
Duet (Watch On Left) Duet (Watch On Left) Duet (Watch On Left) Duet (Watch On Left) Duet (Watch On Left) Duet (Watch On Left) Duet (Watch On Left) Duet (Watch On Left) Duet (Watch On Left)
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$ 89.00

Apple Watch is here to make your life easier. But adding another device to your charging routine makes things complicated. Duet changes that by bringing both your iPhone and Apple Watch into one beautifully simple charging hub, CNC machined from solid aluminum.

Use both the Apple Watch arm and iPhone™ dock pieces together (they're attracted to each other due to super strong neodymium magnets), or pull them apart from each other to use them separately. And thanks to the nano suction material underneath each Duet, your dock will stay firmly in place on any smooth, hard surface until you're ready to move it. 

Customize your Duet by choosing if you want the Apple Watch arm on the left or right side of the iPhone dock. Then choose from 4 different finishes so your Duet matches your devices perfectly. Your customized Duet will meet your look, needs, and lifestyle.

*Apple Watch, iPhone, and charging cables not included. Requires official Apple Watch and iPhone charging cables. 

Duet works with Apple Watch and all iPhones with a Lightning port. Duet works with most cases on the market today.

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