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24 Days of Giving: A Holiday Volunteer Challenge - Antsy Labs

24 Days of Giving: A Holiday Volunteer Challenge

'Tis the season for decking the halls, Mariah Carey sing-a-longs, and kids scheming their way to get from the naughty list to the nice one.

Now, the kids in your life may not have even been particularly naughty (we’re thinking the level of late-night comic book reading, or refusal to share their blanket fort with their sister) and they’ll still be worried about doing what it takes to land fully on Santa’s good side.

To help inspire a season of goodwill and giving, we’re putting a spin on the traditional advent calendar and giving you and your little ones 24 festive acts of kindness.

The Joys Of Giving (Without Getting!)

Before leaping into these holiday volunteer challenges, we want to acknowledge that for all the good that happens this time of year, it doesn’t all have to be motivated by getting (sometimes it’s just nice to be on The Nice List!).

We recently created the book The Carol of the Coin as a testament to the idea that, while receiving gifts is delightful, being a beacon of blessing to others is equally vital. 

It's a narrative crafted to ignite excitement in children about the magic of giving back, emphasizing the profound joy embedded in acts of generosity. In this adventure-filled story, Mrs. Claus helps to craft Christmas coins that inspire children to keep goodwill and Christmas cheer going all season long.

The Carol of the Coin is a beautifully illustrated children's book that conveys this concept while explaining the origins of The Christmas Coin (which comes included with the special North Pole Delivery edition of our book!).

24 Holiday-Themed Volunteer Challenges

Day 1: Kindness Calendar Countdown

Let’s start our countdown… with a countdown! Create a kindness for the month that includes a physical representation of this kindness challenge for each day until Christmas. Kids will get the satisfaction of crossing each day off as they get closer and closer to Santa’s arrival.  

Day 2: Stocking Stuffers for Shelter Pups

For day 2, gather the family to create dog toys or collect pet supplies. Donate them to a local animal shelter, spreading joy to our furry friends.  

Day 3: Santa's Little Librarians

On day 3, let’s spread the magic of reading. Gather up your gently used books and share them with a local library or Goodwill. 

Day 4: Sweaters for Saplings

For day 4, let's get the local trees into the holiday spirit. Gather old sweaters or scarves and repurpose them into cozy tree wraps, aiding young trees during the chilly winter – and adding a festive look to your local neighborhood.  

Day 5: Toy Tidings

Day 5’s about brightening another child’s holiday with the gift of play. Sort through toys your kids may have grown out of or don’t use anymore, donate what you can, and encourage friends to do the same. 

Day 6: Cookie Comfort for First Responders

Spread sweetness on day 6. Bake and deliver batches of homemade cookies to local police or fire stations, showing appreciation for their tireless holiday work.  

Day 7: Candy Cane Countdown

On day 7, get a box of candy canes for your little one’s class, and attach a thoughtful note. Take them to hand out on the last day before the winter holiday break.  

Day 8: Mitten Magic

Day 8 is about making sure that everyone stays warm as the winter gets colder. Collect cold weather gear, including mittens, hats, and scarves, then donate them to a local charity.

Day 9: Jingle Bell Jog

On day 9, our giving gets active! Organize a festive run or walk for charity. Get the family moving and raise funds for a cause close to your hearts. 

Day 10: Gifts for Grandfriends

Day 10 is about gifts that spark an intergenerational connection. Craft festive holiday cards and deliver them to local nursing homes, bringing smiles to the elderly during the holiday season.  

Day 11: Ornament of Opportunity

Day 11 brings crafting joy! Design and create holiday ornaments, then gift them to a local hospital to spread holiday cheer. 

Day 12: Kindness Coupons

On day 12, the family can craft kindness coupons. Exchange them throughout the month for acts of love and help (“I’ll help Dad wash the dishes!”, “One extra bedtime story!”) creating a joyous atmosphere at home.  

Day 13: Festive Food Drive

Day 13’s about making sure your community is well-fed throughout the holidays. Volunteer at a festive-themed food drive, collecting non-perishable items for local food banks. 

Day 14: Crafty Carolers

Day 14 embraces the power of song. Create festive carol booklets and visit a local retirement home or hospital to spread holiday cheer through song.  

Day 15: Starlight Surprise

On day 15, brighten up the night. Decorate small paper bags with encouraging messages, add a candle, and place them around your neighborhood for a magical display.  

Day 16: Jar of Thanks

Day 16 invites gratitude. Decorate a jar and fill it with notes of thanks. Deliver it to local service workers or businesses that have made a difference in your community.  

Day 17: Holiday Helper Hotline

Day 17 brings virtual giving. Create a holiday helper hotline, offering assistance to neighbors in need, whether it's grocery shopping or festive decorating.  

Day 18: Puzzle of Positivity

On day 18, spread the joy of puzzles. Create and distribute holiday-themed puzzles to neighbors, fostering a sense of community and fun.  

Day 19: Gratitude Garden

Day 19 involves nature and gratitude. Plant winter flowers or bulbs in a local public space with a sign expressing gratitude for community togetherness.  

Day 20: Joyful Jigsaw Exchange

On day 20, organize a jigsaw puzzle exchange. Encourage neighbors to swap puzzles, fostering connection and shared moments of joy.  

Day 21: Crafting for a Cause

Day 21 is about getting crafty. Instead of focusing on last-minute shopping, kids will focus on last-minute crafting to make a gift for a friend or classmate. If you’re looking for a place to start, these DIY fidget cubes are a lot of fun!

Day 22: Snowflake Surprises

Let creativity snowball! Craft unique snowflake cards with personalized messages and deliver them to neighbors, spreading warmth and holiday cheer.  

Day 23: Holiday Hero Gift Wrappers

On day 23, become holiday heroes! Offer gift-wrapping services in your community, with donations going to a local charity. Make every present a gift of giving.  

Day 24: Heartfelt Thank You

For the grand finale on day 24, pen heartfelt thank-you notes. Deliver them to local firefighters, police officers, or other essential workers, expressing gratitude for their dedication.

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