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4 DIY Quiet Fidget Toys For Kids (And For Their Parents’ Peaceful Afternoons) - Antsy Labs

4 DIY Quiet Fidget Toys For Kids (And For Their Parents’ Peaceful Afternoons)

With all the snapping, clicking, and clacking that often accompanies fidget toys, it’s no surprise there is a growing trend of people searching for quiet fidget toys.

As the proud creators of the original Fidget Cube (which features both silent and audible ways to fidget!), we also understand that there’s a time and place for different kinds of fidget toys.

If you need a restful afternoon, then DIY quiet fidget toys really are the ideal solution for children who love to play and fidget – without having that play disturb others. 

Below, we’re sharing what makes quiet cube fidget toys beneficial for kids, as well as four of our picks for great DIY toys you can make together. 

The Benefit Of Quiet Fidget Toys

Since loud toys can be a bit distracting for the adults in the room (I apologize again to my brother for the singing unicorn I bought for my niece), there is a clear attraction to some quieter toys.


More than peace of mind and productivity for adults, a quiet cube fidget can also be beneficial for kids, too.

Reduces distractions

A quiet fidget toy can be less distracting for others around the user, such as in a classroom or workspace, making it a more socially acceptable and inclusive solution for those who use fidgeting to focus.

Do your kids enjoy comic-book movies? Fidgets are a great way to have quiet adventures and silently fight crime. Check out our Marvel figit cubes like our Spider-Man Fidget Cube, Iron Man, the Hulk, and more! Or how about our Batman Fidget Cube (or Batman figit spinner) along with other DC heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman?

Helps with focus and attention 

For individuals with ADHD, having a quiet fidget toy can help provide sensory stimulation that can aid in maintaining focus and attention, allowing them to better engage in learning or other activities.

Fidget toys are great for adults, too, in grownup colors like Midnight, Graphite, Berry, Dice, and more. A desktop Fidget Cube can help you slog through those boring group calls and morning meetings.

Improves stress and anxiety

Quiet fidget toys can be used as a stress reliever by giving an outlet for nervous energy and keeping hands busy during times of stress, which can help to alleviate anxiety.

Workplaces are significant sources of stress for grownups, too. A familiar Fidget Cube for adults or fidget cube dice can help you focus and calm down when you feel your anger getting out of control.

Increases productivity

Quiet fidget toys can be used in the workplace or during study time, to help increase productivity by keeping the mind focused and the body busy. 

Provides a calming effect

A quiet fidget toy can provide a calming effect, which can be helpful for those who struggle with anxiety or other related conditions.


If you don’t have the time to make your own quiet fidget toy, or are looking for another quiet fidget toy option in addition to your Fidget Cube, our low-friction, whisper-quiet fidget spinner is a great choice!

DIY Quiet Fidget Toys You Can Make Today

DIY Weighted Fidget Toy

With just one knit glove, dry beans, string, needle, and a spoon, you can make this DIY Weighted Toy.

This DIY weighted fidget toy helps support attention and self-regulation. It offers sensory input through work and proprioception, making it an excellent occupational therapy toy for the classroom or home. 


By working with the proprioceptive system, this toy helps children achieve a calm and comfortable state for learning and interacting with the world. 


Plus, with only beans (or rice, or other dried goods) inside of it, the fidgeting noise is kept to a minimum!


Get the whole list of instructions here from the OT Toolbox.


DIY Fidget Toy Balls

This DIY quiet fidget toy only requires ​​sand (or rice, flour, cotton balls, etc.), balloons (the more colors, the merrier), and a funnel!


The fun of these funky little creations is being able to have different colors, shapes, and textures to mold and manipulate. Plus, once they’re filled, you get to make them come alive by drawing on faces and adding accessories (check out those fabulous feathers).


And though you’re likely to hear some giggles as they get assembled, the fidget toys themselves remain sneakily quiet.


Learn more about making DIY fidget toy sensory balls at Teaching Ideas.

DIY Quiet Infinity Cube

While our original Fidget Cube has six sides designed to give you plenty of fidgeting features both quiet and audible, this DIY infinity cube is a fun option you can make at home.

If you're looking for the fidget toy that sparked the global fidget phenomenon, check out the original Fidget Cube, invented right here by us.

Made with just wooden craft cubes (¾” cubes are an ideal size, though you can go for ⅝” for a mini size or 1” for a monster cube) and duct tape, these end up being a great, lightweight, and quiet fidget toy for around the home.

To get even craftier, you can also incorporate gel watercolors to personalize each of the cubes.

Head to Moms and Crafters for the whole list of instructions.

DIY Mermaid Fidget Bag

Can a fidget toy be loud while also being quiet? This flashy mermaid fidget bag answers that question with a resounding, whispered (yes!).


This fantastic bag is made from just a few ingredients, including a gently used t-shirt, a sequin pillowcase, scissors, and tape. Though the sequin pillowcase may take a separate order, it is worth your while! 


Not only does this bag become an ideal spot for storing their fidget toys on the go – you can slip in the fidget toy balls, Fidget Cube, and the weighted fidget toy you made from earlier in the article – this bag is actually its own fidget toy, too.


The color-changing sequins make for a quietly compelling way to keep your little one’s hands busy as they trace new patterns on the bag’s face. Then if they need more hushed fidget fun, they can open the bag and grab what’s inside.

Craft this DIY Mermaid Fidget Bag for yourself with help from Lemon Lime Adventures.

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