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Spice Up Your Ice: Flavorful Freezes To Freshen Up Your Drink - Antsy Labs

Spice Up Your Ice: Flavorful Freezes To Freshen Up Your Drink

As the summer months keep us sweating, we all know to stay hydrated.

But as fundamental as water is (two hydrogen atoms, one oxygen atom!) to our staying hydrated, at times it can feel… basic.

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When it comes to staying hydrated, variety is the answer. From making your water more interesting to hydration-friendly foods, there are plenty of ways to trick your tastebuds into drinking more water. 

Today, we’re taking a different tactic by talking about the water we put in our water: the ice cube.

With the help of the humble ice tray, you’ve got a plethora of flavor-packed ways to spice up your ice and give your summer hydration a boost - and keep your favorite coffees and cocktails from getting watered down.

(One aside - if you are making some summer cocktails, these flavorful ice cubes can work wonders. Just remember that alcohol higher than 50 proof won’t freeze in a conventional freezer, so your ice cubes should focus just on adding flavor!)

Here are a few of our favorite recipes for homemade ice cubes:

  1. All-Natural Flavors - Like throwing a cucumber in your water, the flavored ice cube is a subtle way to add a note of a natural fruit flavor to your drink. From juices to lemonade to tea, these light flavors will slowly mix into your water to give you a gentle flavor.

  2. Ice Cubes As Decoration - Ice cubes can do more than freshen your drinks' flavor. They can also add an IG-friendly look. Follow Eating Well’s advice and freeze an herb (like basil or mint) or an edible flower to give your drink a pop. This is a particularly fun idea for an at-home brunch or afternoon cocktail party.

  3. Craft Ice Cube Cocktails - Who says your ice cubes have to be one-note? By mixing and matching within the same ice cube - or splitting the tray between two flavors - you can do a little ice cube mixology. Fruits and Veggies lists out a number of delicious combinations that would pair well with both water and other summer beverages. Sign us up for mojitos with mint and lime ice cubes!

  4. A Frozen Boost - As if water wasn’t good enough for you, now you can up the benefits with some immune-boosting ice cubes. Check out the Harvest Kitchen’s ideas, including one for a Beet Ginger Detox Juice. You’ll get the same benefits as drinking your detox while also making sure hitting your daily water intake goals is a little more pleasurable.

  5. Cool Coffee - While this is not the ideal choice for cooling down your water, consider coffee ice cubes for keeping your cold brew cold (without watering it down). Plus you can get fancy by mixing in ice cubes to match your favorite coffee beverages, like mochas, caramel macchiatos, and Vietnamese coffee.

  6. Refresh Your Wine - We know alcohol won’t freeze in a regular freezer, but with enough time, your wine certainly will! Plan ahead for your next summer kickback by filling your ice cube tray with your choice of white wine or rose and leaving it overnight. To make it even more sparkly, follow Cosmo’s suggestions and add a dash of sprinkles.

We hope this helps you spice up your ice for the summer - and gets you a little closer to your hydration goals.

Do you have a go-to ice cube flavor or recipe? Let us know below!

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