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Becoming Lucid In Your Dreams With DEILD: The Easy Wake Induced Lucid Dream Method

Becoming Lucid In Your Dreams With DEILD: The Easy Wake Induced Lucid Dream Method

The Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream (DEILD) technique is a standout among Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD) methods for its simplicity and ease of execution. At The Ant Hill, we're particularly fond of DEILD for its minimal effort yet effective approach to lucid dreaming induction.

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Understanding DEILD

DEILD allows dreamers to re-enter the dream state with consciousness intact shortly after awakening.

This method shines in the latter parts of the night when REM cycles lengthen, presenting increased opportunities for dream activity.

For those who naturally awaken during the night, DEILD is especially appealing, utilizing these awakenings as gateways back into the dream world.

Are you a heavier sleeper? Not to worry - setting a gentle alarm for 4-6 hours after sleep onset can serve as your nudge into consistent DEILD attempts.

The Crucial Step: Stillness

Unlike WBTB (where getting out of bed is commonly a part of the method), success with DEILD hinges on remaining as still as possible upon awakening, whether naturally or through the use of an alarm.

Movement signals your brain to fully awaken, distancing you from the dream you've just left. Maintaining stillness keeps you on the brink of sleep, poised for re-entry.

Re-entering the Dream

We all know the feeling of just having woken up from a dream, before any other thought enters the mind. The dream is still vivid, as your mind is trying to transition from the dream world to your waking world. During DEILD, it’s important to focus on what was happening in your dream the second you woke up.

Most other induction methods require you to imagine and build a dream world from scratch, whereas DEILD allows you to simply re-enter the dream world that you’re still on the edge of.

As you begin slipping back into the dream world, continue focusing on the details of the dream while simultaneously focusing on your intention to become lucid. One of the most effective techniques during this step is to perform reality checks in your dream world as you begin to re-enter it. Once you’ve successfully performed a reality check with an outcome indicating that you’re dreaming, you’re lucid!

When DEILD Becomes Challenging

The window for re-entering a dream via DEILD can be incredibly brief, sometimes mere seconds.

If you're interested in learning about other lucid dreaming methods, such as the Finger Induced Lucid Dream (FILD), continue below:

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