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Before The Louvre: IRL Places To Show Your Art - Antsy Labs

Before The Louvre: IRL Places To Show Your Art

We’ve all been to museums before and seen the art that made us think, “Well, I could probably do that!”

… and then didn’t do anything about it.

(Just me?)

Still, there are plenty of people with drive *and* talent that have used their creative motivations to push themselves to draw, sculpt, paint, sketch, and more, all in the name of art.

Even here, we’ve encouraged our IRLA community to take on their share of drawing challenges (we do love ourselves some accomplishments!).

And it makes sense that as you continue to progress along your artistic journey that you might look to take it more seriously, to expose your work to more people, and to even try and make a living from it.

Though there are plenty of places online where one can click submit and share one’s art virtually, these are competitive spaces. If you’re using Instagram, you’re up against everything else in someone’s feed. If you’re on Facebook, you’re up against… well, a lot of wild stuff.

So in many cases, the real world (IRL!) is still a wonderful place to pursue sharing your art.... Though it may still be a minute before the museums come calling for that lifetime retrospective. 

(Be patient - all in good time!)

If you’re ready to show that your art is worth more than likes, then read on for some suggestions about the best places you can get your art shown locally.

Where You Can Get Your Art Seen In The Real World

  1. Restaurants - Local cuisine and local artists pair together like wine and anything I have in my fridge! Find a locally owned establishment with a decently sized dining room, and you could have a go-to spot. This works especially well for portrait photographers and landscape painters, as restaurants may try to keep an even-keeled tone for a varied clientele.

  2. Hotels - Independent hotels and boutiques have one quality that should attract any beginning artist: plenty of wall space! Jokes aside, they also tend to have a defined brand, so if your art aligns well with it, you might be able to offer it up as a way to connect their hotel to the local community. Think about the lobby space, the hotel bar, and heck, even the rooms.

  3. Cafés - Well, not Starbucks, probably. But if you’ve seen your local cafes displaying art, there’s a good chance they’d display yours, too. Ask what the submission process is, how many pieces you’d need to have prepared, and what their general schedule is. Plus, this could be a good way to have your first-ever opening night party!

  4. Banks - While big chains could be a tough sell, the point of community banks and credit unions is just that - to connect with the community. Check with the local branch manager to see if their lobby could use a local artist’s work.

  5. New Office Spaces & Coworking - With startups and coworking spaces popping up all over, there should be plenty of opportunities to get in touch with office managers and offer your art.

  6. Boutiques & Galleries - This step might come after you’ve had luck with some of the above ideas, but it can also come with a great portfolio. These are natural places for art and shouldn’t be overlooked in your quest to have your art shown locally.

  7. Local Productions & Creative Agencies - For advertising, television, and film, there is always a need for art to help set the scene. The problem with famous art is that it comes with famous art prices (and often difficult-to-secure copyrights). Take advantage by sliding in there with more reasonable rates and offers. 

    Of course, you’re the creative! Take these ideas as a jumping off point and enjoy the journey of getting your art out into the world. 

    We’re curious to hear from you, too. Is there anywhere you aspiring artists have had luck in showing your art?

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