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Choosing Your Next Digital Detox

I didn’t realize it until after the fact, but I did something really trendy the other day.

No, I didn’t upload my first TikTok.

No, I didn’t wear socks with my Crocs.

I joined nearly 70% of people in taking my own digital detox.

Well, sort of. I accidentally left my phone on airplane mode for a few hours. 

Still! With 1 in 5 people going on a full-on digital detox to go cold turkey on their digital devices for a period of time, and 5 in 10 people attempting a digital diet to moderate that same interaction, cutting back on our internet time is on people’s minds.

The reasons vary for all of us, but generally include wanting to spend more time with family, for the health benefits, to improve sleep, and for a better balance between work and personal life.

All in all, these are pretty sound reasons that are also backed up by the science: heavy device use can create a temptation to check in on work while you’re at home, disrupt sleep patterns (especially when you’re checking in bed), and create higher levels of stress.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some information on manageable digital detoxes that can fit in with your lifestyle.

What Length Digital Detox Is Right For You (And How To Pull It Off)

Whether you’re a digital nomad who needs to be connected to a thousand different time zones or you’ve been heading to the same office for the same job for years, the digital creep in our lives is real. 

Below are three suggested lengths that should work for a variety of personal and professional situations.

  1. One Day A Week - You’ll be in good company with a once-a-week tech-free habit as it’s similar to the Jewish Shabbat. Wired put together a nice article on taking advantage of this idea, suggesting to follow in the Friday night to Saturday night rhythm on a weekly basis to really enjoy the benefits and make it easier to build into your life.

  2. The Weekend - A great way to get all the benefits of a digital detox without too many professional explanations. The Simple Dollar puts a great guide to pulling this off, including tips on letting friends and family know, putting devices out of sight, and setting yourself up for success by choosing a weekend with decent weather.

  3. The Whole Week - The strategies change a bit when you consider a whole week. Though you could remove yourself from all digital temptations, that’s likely not practical unless you’re building a trip around it. Instead, consider Lifehack’s 7-Day Digital Detox for daily techniques for controlling the amount you use your devices.

Though we’re always appreciative of what the internet and its community have allowed us to do, we also love unplugging a bit. Whether it’s hiking, baking, or reading a book, treat yourself to the reward you deserve for taking some time away from screens with our Unplugged IRLA Pack.

What about you? What’s your preferred way to get in a digital detox?

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