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Get Pitch Perfect With These 8 Karaoke Games & Challenges - Antsy Labs

Get Pitch Perfect With These 8 Karaoke Games & Challenges

Are you tired of singing the same old songs at karaoke nights? Want to spice up your vocal adventures with a fresh set of karaoke games and challenges?

We've all been there, desperately searching for a fresh twist to reignite our love for karaoke. 

Sing Karaoke and Reward Yourself

Making a bucket list -- a list of things you want to do before you "kick the bucket" -- is a challenge. Doing them is even more challenging. Singing in public, like with karaoke, can be embarrassing. What if you have a bad singing voice? But you love singing alone at home or in your car. Do it! Sing karaoke and reward yourself with IRLA Bucket List challenge medals. Get a series of five medals that mark your milestones for accomplishing each challenge on your list. As you set more goals and make progress down your bucket list, your IRLAs give you the motivation to do more and more.

After all, who among us doesn’t have our go-to song? From John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” and Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” to Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” and any song from Britney Spears’ catalog, we’ve all got one that can close the house down.

But… that’s just one song. For those of us karaoke fans who want to sing regularly, having ways to freshen up our fa-la-la’s is important.

To help you inject a healthy dose of excitement and competition into the karaoke mix, we’re sharing eight fun karaoke games and challenges to make your next outing an octave above the rest.

Enjoy Yourself With This Bucket List-Busting Karaoke Challenge

For many of us, getting up in public isn’t always high on our To Do list, whether that’s speaking, presenting, or singing karaoke.

Still, there are certain things that define us, certain challenges that make life a bit more fun, and karaoke is one of those. 

That’s why we’ve included it in our Bucket List IRLA Pack, a collection of challenge medals designed to reward you for pushing your limits by learning to play a new instrument, getting a tattoo, riding in a hot air balloon, skydiving, and yes, singing karaoke in public!

To make sure you earn that karaoke medal, keep reading!

8 Karaoke Games And Challenges You’ve Got To Try

Are you ready to embark on a karaoke adventure like no other? Grab your microphone, challenge your friends, and let the music guide you to victory! Sing your heart out and become the karaoke champion you were born to be!

1. Time Travelers

Take a journey through the ages with this enchanting karaoke challenge.

Each participant must select a song that predates the one performed before them.

With only one judge allowed to confirm the song's release year through a quick Google search, the competition heats up as the music time machine spins!

Each player gets a point for each successful song they sing. If you doubt someone’s choice, you’ve got a challenge to use. Use it successfully, and they have to sit the rest of the challenge out. Use it unsuccessfully, and you’ve got to sit your turn out.

2. Six Degrees of Karaoke

Unleash your web of musical knowledge with this karaoke game.

Choose your next song based on a shared feature or artist from the previous one. Did you just do a duet with the Weeknd and Drake? Then the next song up needs to feature one of those two.

Can you connect the musical dots and keep the karaoke party flowing smoothly?

3. Name That Tune

Put your musical memory to the test with this classic challenge.

Participants take turns singing a snippet of a song (avoid the chorus if you can!), and the first person to correctly name the tune earns a point.

 The player with the most points at the end reigns supreme as the ultimate "tune-namer"!

4. Song Battle

Gather your friends and divide into two teams for an epic showdown.

Each team chooses a song for their opponents to perform, aiming to stump and delight the other side. If you’re tired of everyone singing the same old karaoke standards, then this is a great way to break the mold.

Get ready for a battle of melodies, where strategy and surprise are the keys to victory!

5. Karaoke Charades

Combine the joy of karaoke with the excitement of charades in this unique challenge.

Can you bring the song to life without the backing of the track?

Instead of singing the lyrics, participants must act out the song's meaning while the others guess the title.

Of course, you’ll still want to have musical fun, so as soon as the correct answer is guessed you should play the song on blast and finish it strong!

6. Make Your Own Lyrics

Unleash your inner songwriter in this creative karaoke game.

Select a popular song and rewrite the lyrics to give it a hilarious or unexpected twist.

Get ready to share your lyrical genius and make everyone laugh or cry with your revamped masterpiece.

7. Karaoke Roulette

Prepare for a thrilling surprise with this challenge.

Participants take turns spinning a wheel to determine their song choice (or pulling songs from a bag, if you just so happen to have misplaced your spinning wheel).

From power ballads to catchy pop tunes, fate decides what you'll be singing next. Are you ready to embrace the unexpected and deliver an unforgettable performance?

8. Don't Forget the Lyrics

Put your memory to the test with this challenge inspired by the popular TV show.

Sing along to a song, and when the music abruptly stops, you must continue singing without missing a beat.



These IRLAs are testaments to the times when you pushed yourself past the ordinary to achieve something most people just talk about. You saw a moment that was yours for the taking and you took it. Let these five coins serve as a reminder of what you’ve done, and how much there is still left to do.

There is always more adventure to be had.


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