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Our IRLA Adulting Challenge Medals Make Great Adulting Gifts - Antsy Labs

Our IRLA Adulting Challenge Medals Make Great Adulting Gifts

There are two kinds of adulting gifts. There's the regular "gift" gift that congratulates and expresses encouragement for leaving your parents' house, in your own place paying your own bills. There's also the "gag" adulting gift, when you want to tease the recently adulting person in your life, maybe the one you thought would never find a job or wash their own dishes).

We think our IRLA Adulting challenge medals do both. Our In Real Life Achievement medals become an actual inspiration and useful motivation for mastering big challenges in life.


Celebrate grown-up moments as you make the big moves toward becoming a functional adult person. Doing your own taxes. Cooking your own food. Paying your own bills and saving money for later, too. Reward yourself -- take pride in yourself -- with IRLA Adulting challenge medals. The non-sexy steps to learning how to survive on your own may not be fun, but once you learn to boil your own water, nothing can stop you. Come sit at the grown-ups' table!



Are you looking to give adulting gifts to the people in your life who are finally growing up? Need an “adulting is hard” gift for the person who is legally an adult, but emotionally still running around daycare?

We get it. Adulting IS hard. Growing up ISN’T fun. Toys R Us was right all along.

Yet time marches on, making adults of us all, whether we claim the title or not.

As the IRS letters come addressed to us… as the scale lets us know we don’t have an always-on metabolism anymore… as our own kids turn 18… adulting is a never-ending process.

But why can’t that process be fun?

It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves as quasi-adults ourselves (with real-life kids and mortgages!).

If there is one big problem with adulting, it’s this: there are very few awards or celebrations after we actually turn 18.

No one throws you a party when you pay your taxes on time.

No one pops champagne when you hit your hydration goals for a week.

No one shouts you out on Instagram when you finally cook yourself a meal.

For too long, adulting has just happened. Well, no longer! We believe adulting is an achievement, and we’ve worked hard to find ways to celebrate these less-heralded milestones with our In Real Life Achievement coins, or IRLA.

In fact, we have over 15 of these packs of coins celebrating achievements from running your first 5k race to skydiving. Among those packs, we have six that make the ultimate adulting gift.

Now read on to see how these coins can make even the hardest parts of adulting better!

Why Adulting Is About More Than Just Growing Older

If age is just a number, then adulting is more of a state of mind.

While reaching adulthood comes up with some newfound rights, adulting is about the responsibilities we take on.

And I don’t think I’m alone in saying we deserve some adulting gifts!

Just think about the uncelebrated daily adulting tasks you take on. You got a job, you pay bills, you manage your finances, you take care of others.

With age comes greater expectations for maturity and self-sufficiency, and adulting is the process of meeting these expectations.

It involves learning to navigate the complexities of adult life, such as making responsible decisions, handling stress, and balancing different roles and responsibilities.

All important, sure.

But fun? Not always!

That’s why we designed the IRLA Adulting Pack, which features achievements you can unlock just for filing your taxes, cooking your own meals, paying your bills, setting up a retirement account, and signing a lease or a mortgage.

You were going to adult anyways, so why not celebrate with an adulting is hard gift?

Why Digital Detoxes Should Be A Part Of Adulting

As kids, our parents wondered just how much screen time was appropriate. As parents ourselves, that debate now continues.

But as adults, who worries about us and how much time we spend using our devices? 

It’s up to us. For better or worse, adulting means caring about our own well-being.

Taking a digital detox and unplugging is an important part of adulting because it allows individuals to take a break from the constant stimulation and distractions of technology and to focus on their physical and emotional well-being.

Constant exposure to technology and social media can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression, as well as sleep disturbances, and can negatively impact mental health. In addition, overuse of technology can also have a detrimental effect on physical health, leading to issues such as eye strain, headaches, and poor posture.

A digital detox allows us to disconnect from the constant flow of information (so many tweets…) and to reconnect with ourselves and ours surroundings. It can help to reduce stress, improve focus and productivity, and increase overall well-being.

To give your digital detoxes a bit more flavor, try our IRLA Unplugged Pack, which has challenges based around hiking, baking, reading, writing, and spending quality time with others.


Sometimes you have to unplug to connect -- to put down your devices like your phone or tablet and rediscover the wonder of the outside world. Breathe fresh air. Get your hands dirty. Do your digital detox with our IRLA Unplugged challenge medals and rediscover the joys of creating, crafting, and communicating. Each moment away from your devices is a moment to see the world with fresh eyes, to take in the day, and make a choice for yourself. Now let’s go exploring.

Why Staying Hydrated Is Part Of Being Adult

Ever go a day without drinking a glass of water?

You’re not alone. 

Still, if you ever want to be a full-fledged adult, you’ve got to stay hydrated. It is essential for overall health and well-being. Adequate hydration is necessary for the body to function properly, and can help prevent a range of health problems.

It’s been shown to:

  • Help improve cognitive function
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Boost energy levels
  • Regulate body temperature
  • Aid in digestion
  • Prevent constipation
  • Support healthy skin
  • Help with weight management.

Furthermore, drinking enough water is also a way of taking care of ourselves, a key aspect of adulting. It is a simple yet effective way to ensure good health and well-being, and it is something that can be easily incorporated into your daily life.

(You will have to drink that cup of water today, though!)

To reward yourself for hitting your hydration goals, grab our IRLA Hydration Pack.


You don’t have to be an iconic male model to know water is the essence of life. Celebrate the road to hydration with these IRLAs, which you’ll earn by knocking back refreshing cups of the good stuff and giving back to your body. Water may not be the most exciting drink, but remember this: drinking water regularly helps you think clearly, your skin glow, and gives you more energy. Not a bad start for eight little ounces. Who wants another round?


Why Maintaining A Healthy Weight Is Part Of Adulting

I used to be able to eat Hot Pockets (plural!) at 3am in the morning after a long night out and bounce back in the morning, ready to take on the day.

Now, that’s not quite the case. I’ve felt firsthand how eating late, eating junk food, and not sleeping well can lead to me becoming (more than) a little pudgy.

Since part of being an adult is being an adult for as long as possible, we’ve all got to take steps to keep ourselves healthy.

On that note, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight can help prevent a range of health problems such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

Maintaining a healthy weight has been shown to:

  • Improve cardiovascular health by reducing the risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Help improve joint and bone health
  • Alleviate sleep problems.

And that’s just the beginning. Maintaining a healthy weight is a sign of you taking care of yourself, and it doesn’t take much to incorporate it with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

To keep yourself honest and reward yourself for sticking to your weight loss goals, grab our IRLA Weight Loss Pack.


There’s no more important journey you’ll start than the first step in caring for your health. That’s an achievement in itself. To keep earning these IRLAs, you’ll have to show your dedication and commitment, but these coins will be just a small token to symbolize the work you’re putting in for yourself to succeed. Lose weight, earn achievements, and win something even more important: a longer, more satisfying life.

Losing can be the best way to win.

Giving Back Is Part Of Growing Up

When we were kids and teenagers, we tended to see ourselves as the center of a galaxy. Everyone and everything revolved around us! 

Part of adulting is realizing how very far from the truth that idea was.

While we can still hope that people come to our marathons and cheer us on, we know that we need to look outward, too. 

Contributing to our community and giving back helps to build a stronger and more connected society. As adults, we have the ability and resources to make a positive impact in our communities. 

We can do that through volunteering, mentoring, or donating to charitable causes. It can also be a way of contributing to the well-being of others, and to the common good. It allows us to put our skills, experience and resources to good use, and to make a difference in the lives of others.


While we hope that these are done in a selfless way, we recognize that we all have our comfort zones and interests, so that’s why we designed the IRLA Better Your Community Pack

It’s a way to challenge ourselves to give back in new and different ways, like paying for a stranger's coffee, picking up trash at a local park, and shopping at small businesses.


Unlock each of these IRLAs by leaving your community just a little bit better than you found it. An act of kindness isn’t defined by the size but by the heart. You give your time and energy to set an example worth following, serving others, and sharing yourself to be a force for change, one action at a time.

Brighten someone’s day today.

This Adulting Gift Will Inspire You To Take Risks

Being an adult means setting our own schedule. We can go out on school nights! We can stay in on the weekends! The world is ours to do with it what we want!

Yet life also gets in the way of all these options. We go to work, we fall into our routine, and time starts to slip by. 

While we may have responsibilities as adults that we didn’t have when we were younger, there is certainly more freedom, too. We just have to remember to take an occasional risk!

Taking risks is an important part of adulting because it allows us to get outside of our comfort zones, to grow and learn, and to achieve our goals. 

We can become more resilient and better able to handle challenges and failures.

All this leads to new opportunities and experiences (like staying out on school nights!) that can lead to a sense of self-reliance and self-confidence. Pretty good adulting attributes, you might say! 

That’s why we’re big fans of our IRLA Get Out There Pack. Each challenge is designed to gently take you out of your comfort zone, from taking dance or improv classes to exploring new places and starting up conversations with strangers.


Life is full of “what if?” moments, those choices we face each day that end up defining who we are. These IRLAs are for those of you who look uncertainty in the face and introduce yourself with a smile. Fearing not awkward moments nor new experiences, you live life with gusto, unlocking each achievement and milestone with ease. Where others might be stuck with “what if” you say “okay, let’s go!” letting each moment be the chance for something special.

Now let’s get out there.


How Our Other IRLA Challenge Medals Make Great Adulting Gifts

Each of our IRLA coin packs is based on earning or achieving something that may not previously have been awarded. 

From rewarding yourself for reading more to checking off bucket list goals like learning a musical instrument, these packs can help you set goals, better yourself, and even have a little fun along the way!

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