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Introducing: Fidget Cube on iPhone + Apple Watch

Introducing: Fidget Cube on iPhone + Apple Watch

We just launched something we've been keeping under wraps for a while... Fidget Cube by Antsy Labs is available to download for free, and is designed to work seamlessly on your iPhone and Apple Watch. ⁠


Yes, that's right. You'll now be able to fidget with Fidget Cube right on your Apple Watch, even if your IRL Fidget Cube isn't close by. 🤯⁠

🐜 Track your fidgeting with a virtual Fidget Cube!⁠

⚡️ Turn each action into Fidget Energy.⁠

🏆 Compare your Fidget Energy to other users on a global leaderboard.⁠

🎨 Unlock more colorways as your Fidget Energy grows! (+ exclusive colorways when you share your invite link with friends)⁠

⌚️ Pull up Fidget Cube on your Apple Watch any time you don't have your IRL Fidget Cube nearby.⁠

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