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20 Easy DIY Fidget Toys - Antsy Labs

20 Easy DIY Fidget Toys

If you're looking for the fidget toy that sparked the global fidget phenomenon, check out the original Fidget Cube, invented right here by us.

Need a fun summer project to fill your kid’s afternoon? Are you a fidget toy fanatic looking for new ways to fidget? Just got a creative itch you want to scratch?

At Antsy Labs, we’re big fans of fidget toys. From our own Fidget Cubes and fidget spinners to board games about building fidget toys, these interactive gadgets have become a real passion of ours.

In developing our own fidget toys for sale, we realized that we had actually unlocked another kind of fidgeting: creative fidgeting!

As satisfying as playing with a fidget spinner can be, it was just as fun to keep our fingers occupied putting it together.


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In that spirit, we wanted to make it easy for all of you to get making your own DIY fidget toys, too. Below we’ve gathered 20 fun tutorials for crafting your own fidget toys!

DIY Fidget Toy #1: Squishy Stress Ball

The Idea: By taking two water balloons and a bit of flour, you’ll get a squishy stress ball you can play with for hours! The double-layered balloon is a secure way of keeping the flour inside so you can massage, smosh, and smash your new favorite stress ball without worrying about a mess.

Make It Yourself: Check out how to make your own set of squishy stress balls at Momtastic.

DIY Fidget Toy #2: Endless Duct Tape Cube

The Idea: One of the delights of fidgeting is having a fidget toy or fidget spinner that lets you play with it over and over. Whether you’re paying it rapt attention or just playing with it in your hands, this Endless Duct Tape Cube accomplishes that repetition in a homemade, colorful way.

Make It Yourself: Check out the recipe for crafting up your own Endless Duct Tape Cube at Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

DIY Fidget Toy #3: Fidget Bracelet


The Idea: This portable DIY fidget bracelet is a great solution for kids who need a little distraction while they’re on the go. Not only do you have a chance to use your own interesting fabrics, you’ll get to create a hidden maze within the bracelet for plenty of quiet, fidgeting fun.

Make It Yourself: Follow the instructions to make your own DIY Fidget Bracelet with Built-In Marble Maze at de Jong Dream House.

DIY Fidget Toy #4: Homemade Fidget Spinner


The Idea: Just ordered your fidget spinner, but can’t for it to arrive to start spinning? This is a creative way to make your own personalized fidget spinner with duct tape, skate bearings, and a few other pieces and parts lying around your home.

Make It Yourself: Follow the steps at Kids Activities to make your own DIY fidget spinner.

DIY Fidget Toy #5: DIY Fidget Spinner

The Idea: Even when we’re making things from home, there will still be times we don’t have all the pieces lying around. In case you’re short on duct tape or skate bearings for the above tutorial, you can still craft a fidget spinner - all you need is some paper!

Make It Yourself: If you’ve only got paper and still want to make a fidget spinner, check out Red Ted Art’s instructions here.

DIY Fidget Toy #6: Glitter Jars


The Idea: Need a good hands-on project that also promotes quiet time at home? These glitter jars start as a fun science experiment and finish as a glittery, relaxing toy that’s surprisingly soothing to roll around.

Make It Yourself: Make your own glitter jars with the instructions at STEAMsational.

DIY Fidget Toy #7: Floating Bead Bracelet


The Idea: More than just a stylish summertime accessory you can craft together, this bead bracelet is also a tactile treat. From the weaving of the bracelets to the rolling of the wood beads, this is a stimulating and engaging DIY fidget toy.

Make It Yourself: Check out the instructions for the Neon and Wood Floating Bracelet at Lines Across.

DIY Fidget Toy #8: Handmade Play Dough


The Idea: Play-Doh has always been one of the ultimate fidget toys. Perfect for idle play and keeping our hands busy (not to mention the vibrant colors!), it’s also an essential part of childhood. If your old batch has dried out or you want to try a new color, know that you can actually whip up a batch at home.

Make It Yourself: Cook up some handmade playdough with the recipe at Danya Banya.

DIY Fidget Toy #9: Glitter Slime


The Idea: Was that dough not slimy enough? Then you’re in luck with this glittery, slimy sequel to the handmade play dough. As a bonus, you can even add a scented essential oil to make the experience even more sensory.

Make It Yourself: Follow the recipe for Glitter Slime at Lemon Lime Adventures.

DIY Fidget Toy #10: DIY Stress Pretzels


The Idea: Part of the fun of the fidget is you never know quite what shape it will take. From spinners and cubes to balls and dough, the creative possibilities are seemingly endless. That’s why we got a kick out of these DIY Pretzel Stress Balls - they’re fun, they’re squeezy, and they let you create a wide variety of stress-relieving shapes.

Make It Yourself: Check out the step-by-step instructions at Handmade Charlotte.

DIY Fidget Toy #11: Plush Owl


The Idea: With so many faceless fidget toys out there, we love the chance to add a little bit of personality. This Plush Owl toy is full of personality and stands up to its fair share of squishing.

Make It Yourself: Looking for a fidget project without flour or balloons? Give his Plush Owl project from Steam Powered Family a try!

DIY Fidget Toy #12: The Super Squisher


The Idea: Traditional squish balls can look so, you know, traditional. If you want a slightly wilder option, this Super Squisher uses a bit of netting (even using your old tangerine bags should do the trick) to create an unpredictably fun fidget toy.

Make It Yourself: Make your own slime-filled Super Squisher at Views From A Step Stool

DIY Fidget Toy #13: Balloon Juggling Balls


The Idea: If there’s an activity that’s sure to catch a fidgeter’s eye, it’s juggling. The fun objects, the repetitive movements, and the pleasant distraction all combine for a lot of fun. Now you can craft your own juggling balls from balloons to add a bit of character.

Make It Yourself: Follow the instructions for these Balloon Juggling Balls over at Red Ted Art.

DIY Fidget Toy #14: Squishy Cake


The Idea: We all love a squishable toy. And cake’s always nice. Well with this fun-to-follow project, you can have your squishable cake and play with it, too. All it takes is some sponges, some acrylic paint, and a little bit of patience!

Make It Yourself: Make your own Squishy Cake by following the “recipe” at Kid Spot.

DIY Fidget Toy #15: Lego Spinner Pencil Topper


The Idea: Fidget spinners are one of the most popular types of fidget toys, so why not try and whip up your own at home? If you’ve got spare Lego pieces around (and if anyone in your home is into Legos, you certainly have more than a few) and a pencil or two, you’re minutes away from your own spinner.

Make It Yourself: Test out your very own Lego Spinner Pencil Topper with the instructions at Teach Me Mommy.

DIY Fidget Toy #16: Soda Tab Fidget Toy


The Idea: In many ways, DIY fidget toys can feel more creative than their store-bought counterparts. There’s something special about being able to transform the pieces and parts from around your home into an interesting toy, and this Soda Tab Fidget Toy is no exception!

Make It Yourself: Turn your soda tabs into a fun fidget toy by following the instructions at STEAMsational.

DIY Fidget Toy #17: Clear Slime


The Idea: We’ve gone over a few fun-to-fidget-with slime recipes, yet there always seems to be another creative take around the corner. While this Clear Slime will take a little more advance prep than your more run-of-the-mill slime, the payoff could create enough fidgeting fun to last the whole weekend.

Make It Yourself: Check out Little Bins For Little Hands to learn how to make a clear slime recipe.

DIY Fidget Toy #18: A Watermelon Squishy


The Idea: One of the fun parts of looking through DIY fidget toy instructions is seeing how many creative ways you can arrive at a similar solution. If you’re looking for more inspiration around the house for making your own squishy toys, this Watermelon Squishy lets you transform old Memory Foam pillows into something fun.

Make It Yourself: Learn how to make your own watermelon squishies over at Buggy and Buddy.

DIY Fidget Toy #19: An All-Lego Fidget Spinner


The Idea: One of the challenges for us in developing our own fidget spinners was getting that just-right balance so they kept spinning. And finally nailing it? One of the most rewarding moments! With this All-LEGO Fidget Spinner, you can have your young ones practice and perfect their own spinners.

Make It Yourself: Find the building instructions for this All-LEGO Fidget Spinner at Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

DIY Fidget Toy #20: Begleri Fidget Toy


The Idea: For any of us who spent hours of their elementary school education fidgeting with pencils, we know a fidget toy doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. That’s what makes the Begleri Fidget Toy such a treat - it’s simple, but this video shows how the fidgeting turns into nifty tricks and fun movements.

Make It Yourself: Check out the step-by-step DIY instructions for the DIY Begleri Fidget Toy at All For The Boys.

A Few Of Our Other Favorite Fidget Toys

While these DIY fidget toys can make for a fun afternoon or weekend project, we know all too well how busy life can get.

For those times when the fidget fun can’t wait, we hope you’ll check out some of our own fidget spinners and Fidget Cubes here.

If you're looking for the fidget toy that sparked the global fidget phenomenon, check out the original Fidget Cube, invented right here by us.

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