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Massage Received: 4 YouTube Channels To Help You Get Loose - Antsy Labs

Massage Received: 4 YouTube Channels To Help You Get Loose

For many of us, a massage is the epitome of relaxation. 

Sometimes we treat ourselves after a long week at work or a long run. For others, it’s a regular treat, like a monthly massage with our favorite therapist or traveling to Thailand for a traditional Thai massage.

While we’re all for the Treat Yo Self spirit, we also recognize that sometimes that self-indulgence has to come on a budget. Even though the massage in Thailand might be cheaper, trips to Thailand might start to add up.

With that in mind, let’s focus on some of the steps we can take to get that cathartic release a little closer to home, and for a slightly more manageable cost.

To add onto our recent post about the best at-home massage tips and tools, we’re highlighting four great sources of information about massage techniques.

4 YouTube Channels To Learn Massage

  1. HM Massage - Run by Spencer Harwood, this channel is dedicated to health, wellness and massage. He shares videos about muscle knot release, effective massage techniques, and pro foot massage techniques. Looking for massages you can do for yourself? He’s also got videos about self-massaging a stiff neck, massages to stop stomach pains, and a carpal tunnel fix.

  2. Massage Sloth - By far the cutest name of the bunch, Massage Sloth also backs it up with videos that will appeal to both beginners and more advanced students of massage. While focused on myofascial release - a massage therapy for treating skeletal muscle pain - there are plenty of how-to videos intended for a broad audience. These include the basics of reflexology, how to apply pressure with a deep tissue massage, and a full back massage routine. Should you find yourself getting really into massage, you may even need this massage therapist self-care video, too!

  3. MassageNerd - Billed as the largest collection of massage videos on YouTube, it’s clear that MassageNerd is the channel to beat when it comes to comprehensiveness. In addition to tutorials, you’ll also find reviews on tools and gadgets, explanatory videos on massage styles, and animations revealing more about the inner workings of muscle groups. Though these videos definitely have that classic, made-in-the-2000s look, the quality is still there. For videos you can use to treat yo self and your friends, take a look at the basics of chair massage, an introduction to spa treatments, and this collection of hand and foot massage techniques.

  4. Bodyology Massage Courses - For a slightly more clinical approach to your relaxation, you can check out Bodyology. Based in the UK, this is a series of free, high-quality videos that aim to show a “holistic approach to the science and art of massage.” Their videos include head and face massages, how to use cushions and towels during a massage, and lower back stretches, among many others.
The joy of each of these sites is that you can just as easily use your knowledge to treat yo self to a massage (for free!) - or you can bring a little joy to the people around you.
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