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Top 10 Fidget Toys For Adults - Antsy Labs

Top 10 Fidget Toys For Adults

If you're looking for the fidget toy that sparked the global fidget phenomenon, check out the original Fidget Cube, invented right here by us.

If you’ve ever had an adult tell you to stop tapping your pencil, stop fidgeting, or stop doodling… you may be a fidgeter.

Now as an adult, though, we have some news for you:

Once a fidgeter, always a fidgeter.

But who said that was a bad thing?

For one, fidgeting and fidget toys can help you focus - they’re a harmless way of displacing a little bit of extra energy so your brain can attend to the main task at hand. Fidgeting can also help with anxiety to help you feel better in stressful situations.

If anything, fidget toys have just gotten a bad rap because of how fidgeting was perceived in our grade school days. Now, though, we’re adults! And it’s time to reclaim the fidget and embrace our true nature. That's why our Fidget Cubes make such great Christmas gifts for dads, moms, and other adults in your life.

Great adulting gifts are part of the reason we created our IRLA challenge awards! Our line of In Real Life Achievement awards lets you set goals in a variety of interests, like strength training and running, video game challenges and reading, creating your own bucket list challenges, and more. Wear your adulting medal and reward yourself for milestones on your way to total mastery. IRLA challenge medals are visual reminders of the challenges you've faced and defeated in your quest to be the best version of you that you can be.

We want to give you a list of top-notch, high-quality, and clever fidget toys and devices so you can get the most out of your fidgeting.

Included below are a list of fun fidget toys for adults, from official fidget devices to great spontaneous fidget items around the office and everything in between.

The Fidget Cube

The Fidget Cube is our personal favorite fidget toy for adults - and it’s because we designed it! Seen first on Kickstarter, ours is the original Fidget Cube, a six-sided cube crafted to be the perfect fidgeting accompaniment for your day.

What we set out to do was make a fidget toy that was full of satisfying fidgets. As you can see in the cube above, there is something delightful on each side. You can click it, glide it, flip it, roll it, spin it, and more.

For a small, fits-in-your-hand fidget spinner, this is a great choice for an adult fidget toy.

Magnetic Sculpture Magnet

The Magnetic Sculpture Magnet is a slightly more complicated fidget toy for adults. What sets it apart is the sheer number of pieces: 171 non-magnetic steel balls, all atop a magnetic base.

The steel balls, which range in size from 0.25 inches to 0.55 inches, can be arranged in all sorts of designs, shapes, and structures. Create arresting artistic pieces, geometric structures, or just see how high you can stack it before gravity wins.

The advantages of the Magnetic Sculpture Magnet has a fidget toy is how dynamic it is. We’re sure you could fidget with it for days without getting the same results. As engaging as it is, though, that is also one of its complicating factors, too. It does demand your attention. It’s better for the kind of fidgeting you do between tasks to help refresh yourself, rather than the idle fidgeting you do during.

Tangle Chrome

Though you may recognize the Tangle Chrome from its kid-friendly original iteration, this sleek, modern Tangle is from their Museum Edition. A stunning upgrade on the original’s bright, playful colors, the Chrome Original Tangle features a fluid design that can be changed and modified.

Intended to help lower anxiety and provide sensory stimulation, this Tangle is also aesthetically pleasing. For an adult fidget toy for the office, this would be perfectly fine to leave out on your desk between fidgets.

If this ever-changing sculpture is of interest, there is also a second larger version that can expand to over 2’ in length.

Flippy Chain Fidget

The Flippy Chain Fidget is one of a number of handsomely designed metal fidget toys from Tom’s Fidgets. What we like about this one is how satisfying it is for such a compact fidget toy.

After all, if you have social anxiety or nervous energy, you don’t necessarily need something complicated to relieve it - you just need something that works. With the Flippy Chain Fidget, you can enjoy one-handed fidgeting spins between your thumb and index finger, a more concentrated two-handed flipping, or running it up and down your fingers.

For a durable, subtle, and silent fidget toy, this is a fun option.

Gyroscope Toys

The world of metal fidget toys on Etsy is vast, and it’s one we’ll dive further into with an upcoming post. For now, we’re highlighting just a couple, including one of the most visually appealing fidget toys: the Mechforce EDC Gyroscope.

While it is not the cheapest adult fidget toy on the list, it certainly is among the most beautiful. From its mesmerizing looks to its nearly 5 minutes of spin time on tables, this is a fidget toy that truly combines form and function. With a solid weight, it’s satisfying to hold and to fidget with, while also being easy enough to carry around with you on the go.

For a fidget toy that’s grown up, consider one like the Mechforce EDC Gyroscope.

Steel Spinning Ring

When one thinks about fidget toys for kids, what comes to mind are bright colors, satisfyingly loud noises, and interactivity. Fidget toys for adults often have some of these qualities, but they also tend to be more restrained so we can use them in public and professional settings.

For those reasons alone, this Steel Spinning Ring is a terrific fidget toy for adults. Handmade of stainless steel, this fidget toy is indeed a ring you can wear. When you need just a quick, subtle fidget, you can use your thumb to manipulate the little balls. If you want to play a little more, you can take the ring off, and enjoy the satisfying sound of the balls clacking together, spin the ring on a table, and more.

Sometimes the best quality of a fidget toy is being able to have it when you need it, and with this Steel Spinning Ring fit to your fingers, you’re sure to have it nearby.

Pocket Gecko

While the Snafoozle Pocket Gecko may be a little less subtle than some of the other adult fidget toys, that doesn’t make it any less satisfying.

This 3D-printed charmer is a slinking, flexible toy that wriggles around in your hands as you play with it. Lightweight and energetic, it can be used in a number of different ways. Build manual dexterity in one hand, have it jump between hands, or simply enjoy fumbling with its articulations.

What sets the Snafoozle Pocket Gecko apart from the others on this list is its unique sensory experience. Rather than being an easily repeated action, it’s a bit more dynamic and fluid, which can spark surprise and joy in its use. And though its use does require more attention, it is not a loud toy, making it a decent option even in more public spots.

The Fidget Spinner

The Fidget Spinner is another classic fidget spinner toy that will keep those idle hands busy for hours. What makes this an ideal adult fidget toy is its low profile. Its slim design and use of nearly frictionless zinc-coated ball bearings means that using it is fun for you without being distracting for them.

Especially in open office settings, we do need to be mindful of how our actions might affect those around us. If you’re crunching some numbers or getting deep into strategy and you need to fidget a little, a quick flick of the Fidget Spinner will help keep you focused without making noise that might interrupt your coworkers.


As adults, many of us become more interested in design. Design of our homes, design of our workspaces, and design of our objects. Yet, that desire to fidget doesn’t necessarily leave us - it’s just less socially acceptable to be playing with bright, colorful objects in a serious workspace.

That’s what makes the Mezmoglobe a real treat as an adult fidget toy. This device is machined from aerospace-grade aluminum for a truly stunning appearance. Then with a flick, it spins effortlessly (and silently!) on its ball bearings, making for a nearly unending optical illusion.

More than just for watching, you can also trace your finger around it, hold it in your palm and play with the ball bearings, and more. This is certainly one of the most attractive adult fidget toys, and is a great addition to any professional space.

Pocket Ball

In the search for interesting adult fidget toys, you’re likely to come across many made of plastic and metal. That’s why the Pocket Ball caught our eye - it’s actually crafted from sandalwood.

In comparison with some of the more design-forward adult fidget toys, this is relatively subtle. With its satisfying size and fidget that glides well in between your hands, on the table, or with your fingers, the Pocket Ball is an ideal option for adults who want to fidget without calling too much attention to it.

A Few Of Our Other Adult Fidget Toys

If you’ve enjoyed the fidget toys found on this list, you might also like some of the other inventions we’ve put out at Antsy Labs.

From a board game about creating your very own adult fidget toy to collections of real-life coins to celebrate achievements (that make for great fidgeting), we love being able to create tangible products that are as fun to handle as they are enjoyable to use.

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