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The Month Of Self-Love: $10 Treats You Deserve (Today!) - Antsy Labs

The Month Of Self-Love: $10 Treats You Deserve (Today!)

If you didn’t know Valentine’s Day was coming up, don’t worry - all it takes is a quick scroll through your preferred social media app and you’ll be reminded.

Since it can often feel like a high-pressure holiday for both those in relationships and those single (including the 20% of singles who just want the holiday canceled), we wanted to spend some time today easing the pressure.

Because whether you’re single, taken, or somewhere in between, there’s a holiday for everyone: the International Day of Self-Love on February 13th.

Who knows how official the day actually is. What matters is how officially important it is to take care of yourself. With the long winter months still contributing to down moods and Seasonal Affective Disorder along with the stress and anxiety of Valentine’s Day, this is the moment to take care of yourself… by treating yo’ self.

While the official spokespeople of Treat Yo Self (Tom and Donna of Parks and Rec) normally indulge in the finer things in life, like Mercedes and massages, we know inflation’s been getting the best of us lately. 

So today, we’re highlighting a few of the more affordable treats so you can give yourself a little self-love all month long. 

$10 Treats You Can Use To Treat Yo Self

  1. Sleep Like Royalty - With this $2 Ulta Beauty Celestial Satin Sleep Mask, you’ll enjoy a better night’s sleep as you block out intrusive light in the most restful way possible. Cheaper than a latté and it’ll give you more energy, too, this is one nightly indulgence that’s well worth the money.

  2. Daily Gratitude - In a season where it’s all too easy to compare what you don’t have with what they do - or vice versa - checking in with yourself each day is as valuable as any gift. Make it a habit with the One-Minute Daily Gratitude Journal for just $6.

  3. Affordable Foot Massages - Even for those in a relationship, asking for a foot massage isn’t always a guarantee that you’ll get a foot massage. That’s why the goal of Treat Yo Self is to make sure you can make your simplest whims come true. With the wooden TheraFlow Foot Massager (just $9) you’ll have an easy-to-use foot massage roller for when the mood hits.

  4. Blue Light Bliss - At the end of a long day is the time when we feel the need for relief. But what if you could make the day itself feel a little better? If you’re working at your computer screen for hours on end, then consider these Maxjuli Blue Light Blocking Glasses. With gold and silver frames available, you can treat yourself to a fancy-looking pair of glasses at a decidedly non-fancy price.

From gifts you can use at the moment to ones that help make each day a little more luxurious, there are plenty of ways to treat yo self for under $10. But if you do happen to be in the mood to spend double your budget, why not consider treating yourself to the Treat Yo Self IRLA Pack - a delightful way to turn much-needed indulgence into real-life achievements!

What about you? What’s your go-to small purchase to show yourself some self-love?

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