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The Secret Trick To Weight Loss That Only You Know - Antsy Labs

The Secret Trick To Weight Loss That Only You Know

Look, unless you’ve just stumbled upon a supply of lizard venom, it’s likely you’ve heard about all the tricks, tips, techniques, hacks, shortcuts, magic, miracles, and diets to help you lose weight.

But it’s understandable why we’re so eager to find the solution. With almost half of adult Americans considered obese by the CDC, there’s a lot of people who feel like they’ve already tried everything and are ready for the potential of Gila monster spit.

Lose Weight and Reward Yourself

Losing weight is a challenge. You're ready for it. But it takes a lot of hard work -- a lot of time -- before you see the results you want. Stay motivated and reward yourself with IRLA Weight Loss challenge medals. Get a series of five medals that mark your milestones for losing weight. As you set more goals and make progress in your weight loss challenges, your IRLAs give you the motivation to do more and more.

But there’s one secret trick that could work, and it might be one that you’ve overlooked.

To be fair, it’s easy to overlook something so simple when all the other solutions are screaming out for attention, like:

  • Meal subscription boxes that suggest they can do all the work of measuring out your nutrients for you
  • Weight loss and fitness tracking apps that believe they can keep you honest with notifications and updates
  • Social media ads with trainers who will get you sweating and in your best shape ever all from the comfort of your home

Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those methods, in theory.

But how do you know if they are really the right method for you?

The secret is listening to yourself first, then seeking out what you need.

Why Going From Being Reactive to Proactive Will Help Your Weight Loss Journey

Ultimately, there’s no problem with eating better and moving more. When it boils down to it, those are really the two ingredients to getting to a healthy, manageable goal weight.

It becomes more complicated when advertisements are how you’re making your decision.

When you’re reacting to what’s in front of you…

Instead of pursuing what you really want.

When you’re reacting to the quick-fix because it sounds good in the moment…

Instead of understanding yourself and setting up long-term success.

When you’re reacting emotionally in the moment…

Instead of being proactive about feeling better for good.

How Understanding Your Motivation Unlocks Your Goals

Who knows you better than… well, you? Since you’re the best authority on yourself - and not just an advertisement that found you on social media - you can work to understand your motivations, and with that, the best way to accomplish your goals.

Lifehack lists 9 types of motivation, and all of them can be applied to your weight loss journey. 

  • Attitude motivation can be a powerful one, especially given the ties weight and attitude can have together
  • Likewise, achievement-based motivation can keep you moving steadily along as you use tools like this IRLA (In Real Life Achievement) Pack to mark your weight loss goals
  • And if you’re trying to lose weight to improve your athletic performance, competence motivation might be what drives you.

When you know what motivates you - fear, rewards, success, achievements - you can be more selective about the programs and tools you use, fully aligning yourself with them and achieving your goals more effectively.

We’d love to hear from you about your own motivation. Is there a style in particular you respond to?

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