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6 Thanksgiving Challenges That Could Become Your Family’s Newest Tradition - Antsy Labs

6 Thanksgiving Challenges That Could Become Your Family’s Newest Tradition

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time for gathering, gratitude, and indulging in delicious feasts. For most, the idea of a Thanksgiving challenge just comes in terms of how many times they can fill their plate.

But this year, we're here to spice things up and add a twist to your usual Thanksgiving traditions! 

If your family has a competitive streak or simply loves a good challenge, you're in for a treat. We've crafted six Thanksgiving challenges that the whole family can enjoy. 

These challenges not only make the holiday season more exciting but also offer an opportunity to build on your long-lasting family traditions with some fun, fresh new ones.

Prepping For These Thanksgiving Challenges

Each challenge is tied to the long Thanksgiving weekend and comes with a unique challenge element that makes it even more exciting. 

While we’re suggesting some of our favorite IRLA Packs as prizes for the winners (after all, winning the Thanksgiving Challenge should come with something you can show off!), you should feel free to come up with your own prizes.

Let's dig into these delightful Thanksgiving challenges that will bring your family even closer this holiday season.

1. The Pumpkin Spiced Movie Marathon

You've indulged in a side-splitting Thanksgiving feast, and now you're all in the post-turkey coma phase. What could be better than snuggling up with your loved ones and enjoying a movie night?

The Pumpkin Spiced Movie Marathon is a movie-watching extravaganza with a twist. Create a list of Thanksgiving-themed movies (Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, anyone?) and challenge each family member to stay awake for the entire marathon. The catch? The marathon includes bonus rounds with trivia questions about the films.

To pull this challenge off, pick your movies, set the scene, and enjoy the show together while staying alert for those bonus rounds.

To put a little whip cream on the pie, why not reward the winner (or winners, if you have some particularly perky participants), with the Movie Watching IRLA Pack. It's the perfect way to inspire your family to enjoy movie nights together.

2. The Gobble Game Night Challenge

Leave the football games on the TV and gather the family around for a game night that will challenge your strategic thinking and test your wits.

The Gobble Game Night Challenge takes traditional game night up a notch. Create a series of Thanksgiving-themed challenges for each game, and participants earn turkey-themed points for completing them. The winner isn't just the best at the games; they're also the ultimate gobble-gobbler.

Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Scrabble Feast- Transform the classic word game Scrabble into a Thanksgiving-themed word challenge. In "Scrabble Feast," every Thanksgiving ingredient word gets a 4x multiplier.:
  • Thanksgiving Trivia Pursuit - Create a set of Thanksgiving-themed trivia questions related to history, traditions, and food. Players can earn pie-shaped wedges by correctly answering questions like, "What year was the first Thanksgiving celebrated?" or "How many pilgrims were aboard the Mayflower?"
  • Pilgrim Pioneers - Transform Monopoly into "Pilgrim Pioneers.”  Customize the board to include locations significant to the Mayflower's journey or the first Thanksgiving. Players can use different Thanksgiving-themed game pieces such as a turkey, a pilgrim hat, or a cornucopia. 

To organize this challenge, select the games, create unique challenges for each game, and see who can toss the turkey the farthest.

The champion could receive the IRLA Tabletop Gaming Pack, perfect for those looking to explore the world of tabletop games.

3. The Iron Chef Thanksgiving Showdown

Thanksgiving cooking doesn't have to be all about the seasoned chef. Let the newest adult or young adult in your house take the lead in planning the menu and cooking up a storm.

The Iron Chef Thanksgiving Showdown is all about culinary creativity. Each family member draws a secret ingredient from a hat and must incorporate it into their dish made from Thanksgiving leftovers. A panel of judges (other family members) will rate the dishes, and the champion will be crowned the Iron Chef of Thanksgiving!

To make this challenge happen, have a secret ingredient drawing ceremony and let the culinary creativity shine.

The winner will receive the Adulting IRLA Pack, designed to help guide their journey through various adulting decisions.

4. The Giving-Back Gauntlet

Thanksgiving is also a time for giving, and what better way to celebrate than by helping those in need?

The Giving-Back Gauntlet challenges your family to perform acts of kindness. Each family member keeps a "giving-back scorecard" for the week leading up to Thanksgiving. The challenge element is that each day's task must be completed without anyone knowing it was you. The person with the most points wins.

To organize this challenge, create a scorecard, assign daily giving-back tasks, and secretly complete them to earn points.

The family member with the most meals bagged gets to take home their own Better Your Community IRLA Pack.

5. The Turkey Trot Triumph

Before you dive into a turkey and pie feast, work up a little sweat and get your heart rate up on Thanksgiving morning.

The Turkey Trot Triumph is a physical challenge for the whole family. Organize a fun race or obstacle course in your backyard or local park, or take part in an official 5k Turkey Trot.

The winner gets a fantastic workout and bragging rights. In place of a trophy, why not offer the Running IRLA Pack?

6. The Leftover Brunch Battle

Who's your resident millennial or who's ready to take their crown? Put your culinary skills to the test by cooking up the best brunch dish using Thanksgiving leftovers.

The Leftover Brunch Battle is a culinary competition that’s sure to become a new Thanksgiving tradition. Family members are tasked with transforming Thanksgiving leftovers into a brunch masterpiece. The twist? They must use a secret ingredient provided by another family member.

To make this challenge happen, gather the leftovers, exchange secret ingredients, and let the culinary creativity shine in this brunch battle.

The winner will receive the Millennial IRLA Pack in honor of brunch’s true champion, the Millennial.

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