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Keep It Right, Keep It Tight: How To Monitor Your Weightlifting Form At Home - Antsy Labs

Keep It Right, Keep It Tight: How To Monitor Your Weightlifting Form At Home

If there’s one thing gyms are great for, it’s for keeping an eye on yourself while you lift.

(Mirror, mirror, on the wall… who’s the sweatiest of them all?)

And for those of us who struggled through the whole pandemic trying to make do with our home’s mirrors, the re-opening of gyms has been a welcome relief.

But that relief may be short-lived. And it may not even be that much of a relief at all.

Turns out people like to occasionally workout from home. Thanks to the pandemic, new high-tech classes, and good old-fashioned convenience, more and more of us (nearly 9 out of 10!) are opting to continue at-home workouts in some form.

Speaking of form is actually what we want to address today. While form is important for cycling and running, most people can get by okay with a few simple techniques.

Weightlifting can be trickier. The wrong form doesn’t only take away from your sweet gains… but it could even lead to injury.

So to make sure your at-home workouts stay top-notch, we compiled a few tried-and-tested methods for monitoring your weightlifting form at home.

Ways To Monitor Your Form At Home

We sorted through a number of options and found a few categories of results that are sure to get you results, too. We’ll sort them from No-Tech Bros to Hi-Tech Bros (and we lovingly use the term Bro to refer to anyone of any gender who wants to get those gains):

  • No-Tech Bros - If it works for your gym, it could work for your home: we’re talking about good old-fashioned mirrors. A dedicated mirror, one that allows you to see your whole body, is far different than straining to see yourself in that tiny mirror you use to get ready for the day. Plus, even a basic mirror lets you watch your back - an important step to maintaining proper form.
  • Low-Tech Bros - You’ve already got a smartphone. You’ve already got apps. You’ve already got a love for working out. So keep it going with Onyx. Though it's got a heftier subscription than some of the other free or ad-supported apps, it can actually capture and analyze your position, form, and movement.

  • High-Tech Bros - Mirror, Mirror, on the wall… yes, I’m talking to you, Mirror (and a handful of other high-tech mirrors). Workout mirrors are in the same category as the Peloton in the sense that they’ll set you back upwards of a thousand dollars while also delivering a fitness class-quality workout from the comfort of your home. These responsive fitness mirrors help you track your movements and your progress, helping to deliver impressive results along the way.

There’s no shortage of workout options, both at-home and at the gym. No matter how you choose to go after those gains, be sure to honor that commitment with the achievement it deserves.

Then let us know - have you set up shop and created your own home gym? What’s your must-have piece of equipment?

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