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Resolutions, Schmesolutions: 12 Family-Friendly New Year's Challenges For 2024 - Antsy Labs

Resolutions, Schmesolutions: 12 Family-Friendly New Year's Challenges For 2024

New Year's Resolutions – we've all made them, and let's be honest, we've all broken them.

They start as grand plans for self-improvement – I will get in shape! I will take better care of my body! I will keep a budget! – but often end up as fleeting wishes, crashed upon the shore of good intentions.

Most of us have some experience making these resolutions, too. More than half of all parents make a resolution, yet of all the people who do make one, only nine percent stick to it all year long.

While we’re not going to say whether you should or shouldn’t, we do think there could be a better way to approach your 2024.

Instead of New Year’s Resolutions… Why not a New Year’s Challenge?

Challenges are a concrete, tangible  way to push your limits, step out of your comfort zone, and improve not just yourself, but your community too.

This year, we're mixing fun with self-improvement. Our challenges are designed for families and include physical, personal, and community-oriented goals. 

And what's a challenge without a reward? 

Each of the challenges below is inspired by a set of challenge medals called IRLA – In Real Life Achievements. By taking on the challenge below, you’ll be motivated to take on and earn the medals from the pack! 

Ready to take on 2024? Let’s get into it!

1. The Family That Runs Together

A family that runs together, stays fit together! 

While there’s plenty to be said about setting a big individual goal like running for a marathon, for this 2024 challenge we’re going for a big shared goal: running a marathon together!

This can be done on any given day, with each member running or walking their portion of a predetermined, or you can seek out a community fun run or marathon with a relay portion to take on together. More than

Get your Running IRLA Pack here.


You’ll earn these IRLAs when you cross certain finish lines, each race bringing you a step closer to where you want to be. But the more finish lines you cross, the more you’ll see how running goes well beyond racing. Some days are race days, but every day can be a run day.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s lace-up and let loose.

2. Cinema Explorers Club

We know, we know – one of the most challenging nights of the week for a family is deciding on one single thing to watch. That’s what makes this movie watching challenge a worthy one! 

For this challenge, watch two movies from different countries or eras each month. It's educational, entertaining, and a great way to spark family discussions.

Get your Movie Watching IRLA Pack here.


Know who shot first - Han or Greedo? Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. Because we’re going to make you an offer you can’t refuse with an IRLA Movie Pack so classic that will make any movie buff in your life jealous. Well, anyway, they can’t handle the truth about how much we love movies. 

Whether they’re so good, they’re bad, or so good they coulda been contenders, this is one pack of movie-watching achievements that will have you saying, “You had me at IRLA.”

3. Hydration Heroes

Does Dad only drink coffee? Does Mom only drink lattes? Are the kids all about juice? Then it’s time to get back to basics with a hydration challenge.

Challenge each family member to track and meet their daily water intake goals for a month. It's a fun way to promote healthy habits and learn the importance of hydration.

Get your Hydration IRLA Pack here.


You don’t have to be an iconic male model to know water is the essence of life. Celebrate the road to hydration with these IRLAs, which you’ll earn by knocking back refreshing cups of the good stuff and giving back to your body. Water may not be the most exciting drink, but remember this: drinking water regularly helps you think clearly, your skin glow, and gives you more energy. Not a bad start for eight little ounces.

Who wants another round?

4. Losing A Bit Around The Edges

Now, we’ll preface this challenge by saying that while it is associated with our weight loss IRLA Pack, it’s primary focus should be about a journey to healthier eating and regular exercise. 

Parents and kids alike can get into bad habits, so this month’s challenge is to set a family goal to follow a nutritious meal plan and exercise routine for a month. More ambitious versions could even include no take-out and no frozen food! 

Remember, though, it's about more than losing weight. It’s about working to maintain a healthier lifestyle together.

Get your Weight Loss IRLA Pack here.


There’s no more important journey you’ll start than the first step in caring for your health. That’s an achievement in itself. To keep earning these IRLAs, you’ll have to show your dedication and commitment, but these coins will be just a small token to symbolize the work you’re putting in for yourself to succeed. Lose weight, earn achievements, and win something even more important: a longer, more satisfying life.

Losing can be the best way to win.

5. Digital Detox Daredevils

Is family dinner getting a little too quiet? Are conversations in the morning just one-way streets? If you feel like the screens have been a little too present lately, this is a challenge that will help you break free – and bond as a family. 

Commit to a weekly 24-hour digital detox for a month, rediscovering the joy of face-to-face interactions and outdoor activities. It’s a refreshing break for everyone’s mental and emotional well-being.

Get Your Unplugged IRLA Pack here.


Sometimes you have to unplug to connect. Earn each of these IRLAs by getting your hands dirty, breathing in the fresh air, and leaving your phone behind. Unwind and rediscover the joys of creating, crafting, and communicating. Each moment away from your devices is a moment to see the world with fresh eyes, to take in the day, and make a choice for yourself.

Now let’s go exploring.

6. Mighty Muscle Mission

If you’re looking to strengthen your family bonds, then you might like this very literal answer: get stronger together! 

This is a challenge that can be adjusted based on the age of your family members, and if they’re all based under the same roof. For older kids or family in different places, try a daily challenge, like 30 push-ups or 10,000 steps a day. 

For younger kids, make an effort to head to the park to try a new sport each weekend for a month. Whichever route you choose, it's about encouraging physical activity, resilience, and having fun while getting fit.

Get Your Strength Training IRLA Pack here.


These IRLAs are for those who stick with their dreams. Training programs require commitment, dedication, and sacrifice. Each new coin is a testament to the time you suited up and got after it. From hours at the gym to the prep at home, you set yourself up for success and now it’s yours for the taking.

Now go get those gains.

7. Adventure Awaits! 

Foster a sense of adventure and exploration. For this challenge, you’re pushing your family to spend a little less time on the couch and a little more time out in the world.

Plan at least one new outing or activity each month, such as hiking or museum visits. Make sure that each family member gets to pick at least one so that everyone gets involved in creating lasting memories and experiencing new things together.

Get your Get Out There IRLA Pack here.


Life is full of “what if?” moments, those choices we face each day that end up defining who we are. These IRLAs are for those of you who look uncertainty in the face and introduce yourself with a smile. Fearing not awkward moments nor new experiences, you live life with gusto, unlocking each achievement and milestone with ease. Where others might be stuck with “what if” you say “okay, let’s go!” letting each moment be the chance for something special.

Now let’s get out there.

8. Community Crusaders 

While certain months of the year tend to promote some community activities, including November with Thanksgiving and December with the holidays, this challenge is about building up that community muscle throughout the year.

To take on this challenge, engage in a community service activity monthly, like a neighborhood clean-up or volunteering. 

Get your Better Your Community IRLA Pack here.


Unlock each of these IRLAs by leaving your community just a little bit better than you found it. An act of kindness isn’t defined by the size but by the heart. You give your time and energy to set an example worth following, serving others, and sharing yourself to be a force for change, one action at a time.

Brighten someone’s day today.

9. Adulting Adventures

Adulting isn’t just for adults! This challenge is about turning everyday tasks into learning opportunities. 

Though adulting can encompass budgeting, paying rent, and living on one’s own, we’ll focus this one on making sure each member of the family can handle their own in the kitchen. To complete this challenge, have each family member prepare a meal from scratch.

Get Your Adulting IRLA Pack here.


No one throws parties for filing their taxes on time, but maybe they should. These IRLAs let you celebrate your grown-up moments as you make the big moves toward becoming a functional adult person. Taxes, cooking, bills. Saving for rainy days. The non-sexy steps to learning how to survive on your own may not be fun, but once you learn to boil your own water, nothing can stop you. 

Ready to sit at the grown-ups table?

10. The Family Book Club

Though your family may not all be at the same grade reading level, that doesn’t mean you can’t all take on a shared reading goal.

For this one, set a goal for each person to finish one book in a month, followed by family discussions. Each will share what their book was about, what they liked and didn’t like, and ask an open-ended question inspired by their reading. 

Get Your Reading IRLA Pack here.


Earn these IRLAs with your dedication to the written word as each book notched brings you closer to another coin earned. Push your reading boundaries and expand your world with award-winners, genre-benders, and page-turners. Each coin you receive is just further proof of what we all believe: reading makes you the hero in this hero’s journey. 

Time for your next page one.

11. Bucket List Brigade

You’re never too young to start achieving your dreams! 

For the bucket list challenge, each family member will put together a list of the things they’ve always wanted to try. Then each month, you’ll all go and try that thing! Whether it’s learning a skill or experiencing something new, it’s a great way to support each other’s goals.

Get Your Bucket List IRLA Pack here.


These IRLAs are testaments to the times when you pushed yourself past the ordinary to achieve something most people just talk about. You saw a moment that was yours for the taking and you took it. Let these five coins serve as a reminder of what you’ve done, and how much there is still left to do.

There is always more adventure to be had.

12. Treat Yo Self Team 

After all the hard work from the first 11 challenges, it’s time to celebrate.

After completing your monthly goals, indulge in a special treat like a family dinner or outing with as many stops as there are family members. So if you’ve got four, maybe one person picks the movies, one picks the book store, the other picks the dinner spot, and one picks the dessert spot. Spend the day treating each other and enjoy the spoils of a great 2024!

Get Your Treat Yo Self IRLA Pack here.


You’ve got responsibilities. You’ve got bills to pay. You’ve got all your reasons ready. But what you need to do is treat yo’ self, and that’s what you’ll have to do to earn these IRLAs. Live in the moment for once, do something you’ve always wanted to do, and indulge. There will always be a reason not to give yourself what you deserve, but for now, just ask yourself, “Why not”?”

You’re your best present.

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