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Leap Out Of Your Comfort Zone With This 21-Day Confidence Challenge - Antsy Labs

Leap Out Of Your Comfort Zone With This 21-Day Confidence Challenge

Looking for a confidence challenge to help you overcome shyness? Searching for ways to get out of your comfort zone? Or maybe you’ve just had a big life change, and you want to get out there again.

Whatever your reason, there are seemingly countless benefits to feeling more confident. For both introverted and extroverted folks alike, confidence helps you to believe in yourself, become more resilient, and own your successes.

Cross Challenges Off Your Bucket List and Reward Yourself

Making a bucket list -- a list of things you want to do before you "kick the bucket" -- is a challenge. Doing them is even more challenging. That's the way you like it. But it takes a lot of different things -- money, time, training, research -- before you can cross each one off your list. Stay motivated and reward yourself with IRLA Bucket List challenge medals. Get a series of five medals that mark your milestones for accomplishing each challenge on your list. As you set more goals and make progress down your bucket list, your IRLAs give you the motivation to do more and more.

Still, the journey to that level of confidence isn’t always easy. Life throws curveballs. Maybe you’re getting out of a long-term relationship. Maybe you’ve lost your job. Or maybe you’ve found yourself in a new city.

To help you step out of your comfort zone, we've designed a challenge specifically crafted to help you boost your confidence, explore new horizons, and embrace life's adventures. 

From taking a dance class and exploring new places to starting conversations with strangers, every day of the 21-Day Confidence Challenge will challenge you to embrace new experiences and push your limits.

How A 21-Day Confidence Challenge Will Help Push Your Boundaries

So, why 21 days? Well, it's commonly understood that it takes about three weeks to build a habit. So why not make a habit of being even more confident?


If you're seeking motivation to keep pushing forward, we have something special for you: the Get Out There IRLA Pack


This set of In Real Life Achievements is meant to be a visual representation of your progress throughout the challenge. Each milestone – from improv classes to exploring new places – will be commemorated with a unique medal, reminding you of the growth you've achieved (and the fun you’ve had!) along the way.



Life is full of “what if?” moments, those choices we face each day that end up defining who we are. These IRLAs are for those of you who look uncertainty in the face and introduce yourself with a smile. Fearing not awkward moments nor new experiences, you live life with gusto, unlocking each achievement and milestone with ease. Where others might be stuck with “what if” you say “okay, let’s go!” letting each moment be the chance for something special.

Now let’s get out there.


Take On Our 21-Day Confidence Challenge

Day 1: Shake It Off - Take a Dance Class

Step out of your comfort zone and embrace your body's movement. 

Dancing allows you to express yourself freely and builds confidence in your physical abilities, helping you overcome self-consciousness and embrace your unique style.

(If you need to learn a few steps beforehand, check out our blog on how to level up your dancing before your dance class.)

Day 2: Embrace the Spotlight - Take an Acting or Improv Class

Conquer stage fright and learn to think on your feet by immersing yourself in the world of acting or improv. 

This challenge pushes you to embrace vulnerability, enhances your communication skills, and boosts self-assurance in social situations.

Day 3: Wanderlust Adventure - Explore a New Place You've Never Been Before

Venture beyond your familiar surroundings and discover the unknown. 

Exploring new places expands your horizons, encourages adaptability, and fosters self-reliance. Embracing the unfamiliar strengthens your confidence to navigate through life's uncertainties.

Day 4: Lights, Camera, Confidence - Make a Vlog of Your Day and Upload It Online

Share your experiences and thoughts with the world through vlogging (yes, people are still vlogging!). 

When you express yourself openly, you open yourself up to potential criticism. The practice, while scary, can help you to develop a stronger sense of self-acceptance and authenticity.

Day 5: Strangers to Acquaintances - Start a Conversation with a Complete Stranger

Break down social barriers by initiating a conversation with someone you don't know. 

It’s always easier to not talk to someone than to talk to someone. It’s also one of your favorite daily practices for overcoming shyness. Today we’ll try and push that with a confidence challenge that will help you overcome social anxiety and cultivate self-assurance in various social interactions.

Day 6: Conquer the Great Outdoors - Go Camping or Hiking in a New Environment

Challenge yourself physically and mentally by exploring the wilderness.

Camping or hiking in a new environment promotes self-reliance, problem-solving, and adaptability, instilling confidence in your ability to navigate unfamiliar situations.

Day 7: Power of the Pen - Write and Perform a Spoken Word or Poetry Piece

Harness the power of words by creating and performing a spoken word or poetry piece. 

Making time to write is one thing. Having the courage to express ourselves aloud is quite another, and this confidence challenge is all about nurturing the confidence within to be able to share your thoughts and emotions in a captivating manner. 

Nowhere to perform? Overcome your social media shyness and post it online!

Day 8: Face Your Fears - Take on a Thrilling Adventure Activity

Push your boundaries and face your fears head-on by engaging in a thrilling adventure activity (think roller coasters or skydiving). 

Conquering your fears boosts self-confidence, helps overcome limitations, and demonstrates your ability to overcome challenges with courage.

Day 9: Step Up and Lead - Organize and Host an Event or Gathering

Take charge and organize an event or gathering for friends, colleagues, or community members. 

For many of us, we use our homes and apartments as our safe spaces away from the world. While that’s perfectly okay, today’s challenge is going to push you to let people into your space – if only just for an evening!

Day 10: Find Your Rhythm - Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Explore the world of music by learning to play a musical instrument. 

Before you can have the confidence to take your musical talents to the stage, it helps to learn to strum a chord or two (with the help of our guide about learning a musical instrument online!). Get started here, and you’ll boost your self-esteem while cultivating discipline. 

Day 11: Artistic Expression - Create a Piece of Art and Display It

Tap into your artistic side and create a meaningful piece of art. 

It takes confidence to share something that you have created with the world. Even if it’s something small or a medium you’re new to, be proud of what you’ve done.

Day 12: Master Chef - Cook a Complex Dish or Meal from Scratch

Challenge your culinary skills by cooking a complex dish or meal entirely from scratch. 

Ordering takeout? That doesn’t take too much confidence. Push your limits with a confidence challenge that involves making a meal from a recipe – and enjoying the delicious results.

Day 13: Open Mic Night - Perform at a Local Open Mic Event

Share your talents with an audience by performing at a local open mic night. 

This confidence challenge builds confidence in public speaking, hones your performance skills, and allows you to receive feedback to further improve your craft.

Day 14: Break the Sweat - Try a New and Challenging Workout or Fitness Class

Push the limits of your coordination and try a new workout or fitness class. 

One part of building your confidence is just getting out there in the world. This happens to be one of the most fun ways to do it! 

Day 15: Volunteer Your Time - Engage in a Meaningful Community Service Activity

Give back to your community by volunteering your time for a meaningful cause. 

Too many of us hide in the routines of going to and from work. Today’s challenge pushes you out of the comfort of your routine and asks you to engage in your community at the same time. 

Day 16: Speak Up - Attend a Public Speaking Workshop or Give a Presentation

Conquer the fear of public speaking by attending a workshop or giving a presentation.

One of the most scary challenges for even the most outgoing folks, this is a chance to thrust yourself into center stage and get better at articulating your ideas in front of an audience.  

Day 17: Take the Lead - Organize and Execute a Group Activity or Outing

Step into a leadership role by organizing and executing a group activity or outing. 

While you may or may not have leadership opportunities at work, anyone can find chances to lead in their everyday life. This is a great way to work on your leadership skills as well as showcase your ability to bring people together.

Day 18: Face the Mirror - Practice Self-Compassion and Positive Affirmations

Look in the mirror and practice self-compassion and positive affirmations. 

We can be our own toughest critics. Today, we’re standing up to yourselves with confidence and embracing a positive self-image.

Day 19: Mind Over Matter - Meditate or Practice Mindfulness

Dedicate time to quiet your mind, meditate, or practice mindfulness for an extended period. 

There’s a lot to be said for claiming time for yourself during the day. Through mindfulness, you’ll improve your ability to focus, reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance your self-awareness, allowing you to be more confident in your thoughts and emotions.

Day 20: Elevate Your Style - Experiment with a Bold Fashion Choice

Step outside your fashion comfort zone and experiment with a bold and unique outfit choice. 

It’s easy to use clothing as a way to hide within ourselves. By stepping out and commanding attention, you celebrate your individuality and creativity in a positive, fun way.

Day 21: Reflection and Gratitude - Reflect on Your 21-Day Journey and Express Gratitude

Take time to reflect on your 21-day confidence challenge journey and express gratitude for the experiences and personal growth you've gained. 

Whether or not you’ve built a new habit, applaud yourself for the boundary-pushing three weeks you’ve had. You deserve it!



Life is full of “what if?” moments, those choices we face each day that end up defining who we are. These IRLAs are for those of you who look uncertainty in the face and introduce yourself with a smile. Fearing not awkward moments nor new experiences, you live life with gusto, unlocking each achievement and milestone with ease. Where others might be stuck with “what if” you say “okay, let’s go!” letting each moment be the chance for something special.

Now let’s get out there.


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